Director’s Diary Invading Europe!

June 28th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

Hi, guys and girls. I’m about to embark on an European tour with my camera, and I’d like to invite you along! I’m about to head over to Riga, then Berlin, then Potsdam and then Ljubljana in Slovenia. In Potsdam, I’ll be attending as one of the tutors to Power to the Pixel’s Pixel Lab Seminar, where I’ll be tutoring and giving a presentation on collaborative film making and such. In Ljubljana, I’ll be hitting the studio with Laibach and Ben Watkins, our musicians, and Heiko Müller, our sound designer.

And for some reason I’m assuming there’s someone who’s interested in following my trip, so I’ll be checking in as often as possible from the road. So stay tuned! See you along the way!

I’ll be updating the diaries to *this blog entry*, so that I won’t be flooding too much of our channels, so just check back in here as often as you like!

TUESDAY 28.6.2011

Oh shit, almost forgot Mr. Picard!

Arrived to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Some bad news coming in from Russia…

Arrived to Potsdam.

WEDNESDAY 29.6.2011

Preparing for a presentation after a horrific hangover morning.

Post-presentation feel-good vlogging:

THURSDAY 30.6.2011

Airporting through Europe:

In Slovenia


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10 Responses to “Director’s Diary Invading Europe!”

  1. Bob says:

    OMG he is NAKED!

  2. Shui says:

    Good luck with that rhino pal.

  3. Jaap says:

    Losing a passport is not only annoying and time consuming, but also very dangerous, it can get you into big trouble when it falls into wrong hands.

    I wish Ben good luck!

  4. Max says:

    That’s some real bad news :( Timo, are you planning to visit Ukraine at some point in your journey? :)

  5. Armin says:

    Weißbier ftw!!! :D

  6. Weigibabe says:

    Why not Frankfurt again?? you could have a look at the Location in better weather ;) and i will be able to meet you XD

  7. christina says:

    good luck
    non voice projects

  8. Jaap says:

    Pity, no video of you with Laibach, that would be really nice! :D

    It’s pretty stupid indeed that people don’t stand behind the line. A Dutch saying goes: ”If one sheep leaps over the ditch all the rest will follow”
    In my opinion they should enforce it (standing behind the line), it’s simply too absurd you justly complaining about it on camera while it all happens in front of you, it’s almost a comedy sketch, isn’t it?

  9. Jaap indeed… Ridiculous, but probably blame is to those who designed the belts, because people are internationally known to do the most stupidest thing possible if there’s no metal bars standing right in front of them telling not to :)

  10. מסיבת בת מצווה says:

    אירועים חוגגים באולם אירועים בראשון לציון מומלץ! וגם ב מועדנים לבת מצווה וגם ב אירועים קטנים במרכז