Iron Sky is looking for Lightwave artists to join the VFX team

July 18th, 2011 by Samuli Torssonen

We are looking for two skilled Lightwave artists to join the Iron Sky VFX team here in Tampere, Finland.

You should know Lightwave inside and out, being able to model, light and texture as needed.

We want you to start work as soon as possible and be available until the end of November. You will be working as part of a team in our office in the center of Tampere, Finland. We can offer you temporary accommodation and will help you find a place to stay.

We can offer you an interesting project to work on, a highly skilled team (our people worked on Battlestar Galactica, Star Wreck etc.) to work with and a nice salary. Join us and we promise you won’t be bored for the next four months.

If you are interested send your resume and reel (links please, no big files) to

If you have any questions contact Lightwave team leader Kelly ‘Kat’ Myers at

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3 Responses to “Iron Sky is looking for Lightwave artists to join the VFX team”

  1. Kat says:

    Hi everyone.
    Just some additional background for those of you who are LightWave3D artists and want to blow stuff up!
    Well, thats basically what you will be doing along side the rest of the talented LightWave3D team lead by Samuli and I.
    If you know and can demonstrate your abilities to us in LightWave3D in areas such as dynamics (PFX/HardFX etc) as well as lighting, shot construction (assembly of the shots as well as break downs for rendering – if you don’t know the last part no stress, we will show you – but really you should know this anyway), how to fly space ships around and rig up neat weapons systems and follow orders then this is a great opportunity for you!
    We need LightWave3D Generalists who can do just about anything but have no problem in focusing in on specific shot by shot needs.
    Experience with JawSet’s Turbulence Fluid Dynamics is a major plus!

  2. m says:

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  3. RickyJKL says:

    Btw, when are you going to promote Ironsky on finnish media? It seems nobody knows this thing is happening.
    You guys are making finnish movie history, and the wiki page of Ironsky still says that the movie is still in the planning stage or something.

    Also, bring more quality into the youtube videos. Now its quantity over quality. If you want to make social media to be your distribution bed and to get people to know this stuff. You need to work on it. Don’t just post random videos to youtube and hope for the best. Get somebody working on those and coming up with new ideas for videos.
    Like the new CGI diaries only have like 3k views. You should be having atleast 10k views going on to people notice this thing.
    You need more exposure. Come up with things that will get people interested. New and exciting stuff! It will not happen on itself! Star Wreck happened many years ago.

    Don’t let this epic thing fail!