Iron Sky Invades New York – Come Meet Us On Wednesday!

August 15th, 2011 by Janos Honkonen

The Iron Sky core team is currently in New York shooting some scenes and cityscapes, which are going to be used for example as the backgrounds of a dogfight between Nazi UFOs and modern fighters.

Damn, Iron Sky should be reclassified as as natural disaster movie: in Frankfurt we were hit by a snowstorm that paralyzed the city, in Australia there were serious floods and cyclones, and now in New York torrential rains are flooding the subways!

Hotel Stay in NY before whatever natural catastrophy the Iron Sky crew shall bring upon it.

That won’t stop us, though! We will also arrange a combined informal fan and media meet on this Wednesday 17th of August at 7pm at Hotel Stay, 157 West 47th street. Come and meet us, get to see some hitherto unreleased materials from the film. We are also planning to do some guerrilla filming with our fans – stay tuned in our Twitter and Facebook as we finalize our plans on that!

The Iron Sky team, including the director Timo Vuorensola and producer Tero Kaukomaa, are also available for interviews for traditional media, blogs, etc! Please send interview requests in New York to Merja Ritola (merja ät, +358 50 5937714).

Thanks for supporting us, hope to see you and your friends on Wednesday!

p.s. We set up a Facebook event for the meetup as well. If you know you’re coming, let us know.

The Iron Sky Team

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11 Responses to “Iron Sky Invades New York – Come Meet Us On Wednesday!”

  1. En español :

    El Iron Sky equipo central se encuentra actualmente en Nueva York rodaje de algunas escenas y paisajes urbanos, que van a ser utilizados, por ejemplo, como los antecedentes de un mano a mano entre los ovnis nazis y los combatientes modernos.

    Maldita sea, Iron Sky debe ser reclasificado como de película de desastres naturales: en Frankfurt que se vieron afectadas por una tormenta de nieve que paralizó la ciudad, en Australia hubo graves inundaciones y ciclones, y ahora en Nueva York las lluvias torrenciales inundan el metro!

    Eso no nos va a detener, sin embargo! También vamos a arreglar un ventilador combinado informal y los medios de comunicación se reúnen este miércoles 17 de agosto a las 19:00 en el Hotel Estancia, 157 West 47th Street. Ven a conocernos, llegar a ver algunos de los materiales hasta ahora inéditos de la película. También estamos planeando hacer algo de rodaje de guerrilla con nuestros fans – que estad atentos en nuestro Twitter y Facebook como finalizamos nuestros planes en eso!

    El equipo de Iron Sky, incluyendo la Vuorensola director y productor de Timo Tero Kaukomaa, también están disponibles para entrevistas para los medios tradicionales, blogs, etc! Por favor enviar solicitudes de entrevista en Nueva York a Merja Ritola (Merja ät, +358 50 5937714).

    Gracias por apoyarnos, esperamos que usted y sus amigos el miércoles!

    El equipo de Iron Sky

  2. Joona says:

    Hey! I thought you guys didn’t have the budget to go shooting in the NY for real. Instead staged Frankfurt as NY.

    Maybe this means you got some more money, or just decided to go for the real thing, no matter what.

    By the way, the next sneak peek is overdue for this month.


  3. Maybe the Nazis used water cannons and a giant tanker ship ufo in NY to extort something from the US.. Where did the water came from, inside moon or maybe they ripped the whole Laatokka see with their suction tanker UFO.. NO! It’s the melted Antarctica!

  4. Oops! I mean, Laatokka lake (was thinking in German at this hour).

  5. Jaap says:

    No, no, they (Timo, Tero and small local crew) are shooting establishing shots and plates. (for compositing)

    I really hope the ”fooling” turns out well, especially if actual New Yorkers believe the actors were really acting in down town New York. :P

    I love such tricks, film is such a fantastic medium as people easily believe in the artificial to a certain extent.

  6. Joona says:

    Nazi flying saucers whacking into WTC would give foilhats an osrgasn.

  7. Joona says:

    Oops, typos, sorry.

  8. Anant says:

    I’m an indie film producer from US and in post-production of a romantic thriller for the 2nd generation South Asians around the globe… a middle class population of 700 million.

    I would like to talk with you about two things…
    1) Some sort of collaborative effort to leverage our resources to mutually benefit from DIY platform screenings and VOD/DVD sales over the Internet? I have two movies in my portfolio…one is complete… the second is in post-production!

    2) The “Crowd Control” tool on your website is cool… and I would like to use it on my website?


  9. Corey says:

    Did I miss this?