Apology Accepted, Ziiso – Now Let’s Talk Business

September 23rd, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

For the last two weeks we’ve been following the release of the first Iron Sky pirate product, an iPad game made by a Chinese company Ziiso. The game has remarkable similarities to our film, starting with the name and ending with actual graphics and so on, but nobody from Ziiso had contacted us about the release of the game. We reported this over to Apple, and they kindly suggested Ziiso to remove the game from the store, which also happened.

But that’s not all. The fine gentlemen at Ziiso took the time and apologized us through Helsingin Sanomat (the main newspaper in Finland), after being contacted by a reporter. They told in their apology that as sci-fi fans they’d been blown away by the Iron Sky visuals and the idea, and wanted to remodel their game after our film. As film makers, this is of course heartwarming to hear.

So, Ziiso: apology accepted.

Now, let’s talk business.

You have been inspired by our work, and created a game based on it. Ok, you didn’t do it exactly by the book, but now that you realized it you apologized and removed the game from the store, all is well.

Then again, we’d like to do a game for iPads and iPhones. So the question is: why not work together?

Here’s an idea – let’s unify the graphics with the Iron Sky story, fix the main problems of the game, and do a fair deal about the revenue. Once the game is out as an official and licensed Iron Sky product, we’ll start putting the word out there, and everybody wins.

What you say? If the idea is good, drop a line to pekka@blindspot.fi and let’s make some history together!

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23 Responses to “Apology Accepted, Ziiso – Now Let’s Talk Business”

  1. Daniel Dawes says:

    OMG YESSSS i will buy it! for my ipad iphone and ipod!

  2. Nemesis says:

    I hope this works out.

    I hope they rewrite this game for the PC and Playstation 3.

    I want to blow up space nazis:)

    Looking forward to seeing Iron Sky in the cinema and watching it on Bluray at home:)

  3. Akseli Erkkilä says:

    Mielestäni Rautataivaan tekijöiden tulisi suosia suomalaista ja kysyä ensisijaisesti suomalaisia iPelien kehittäjiä hommaan. Osaamista nimittäin varmasti löytyy.

  4. Bobbeliu says:

    Heck, I’d BUY an iPad if they teamed up to make a game for it. :D

  5. leo says:

    ok ok, now to finish the film quickly, are very bored to continue to see news ‘on the site, new games and new lawsuits ironsky, and’ time to end, many fans have spent money (myself) to realize part of the film , and I go to them and to their opinion, the last words, the bulk of the work you have done this and you ‘yes, but with the support network and good faith of the fans, you are building a fortune by giving little or nothing in change, in my opinion do the end of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (which most do not remember ‘none) but now I digress, and’ announced a flop but I want to see how it will go ‘to finish, and god I hope soon

  6. Joen says:

    A very mature approach to the situation, Mr. Vuorensola.
    I hope you’ll get the partnership going. :)

  7. Leo didin’t quite understand your message, but release date is 4.4.2012 :)

    Akseli: We have tried, believe me. Just seems like quite a job to get developers to get interested on other stuff than their own games :)

  8. Paul says:

    I’ll buy the game if it supports the film (both financially and through advertising).

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the film.

    Don’t rush on the film – do it right and make it an immediate cult classic!!!!! Maybe even turn it into a Trilogy.

  9. Vanmanm says:

    Don’t forget Android!

  10. ratonbox says:

    I love it when people actually use reason in dealing with problems. Thumbs up for the Iron Sky team.

  11. Sami says:

    No entäs jonkinlainen opiskelija- ja koulu-projekti? Parhaiten mitä tahansa asiaa opettaa oikeat projektit oikeiden yhteistyötahojen kanssa.

    Meillä kauppiksessa (datanomit) esim. on nyt tokana vuonna menossa projekteja mm. liittyen oikean live nettikaupan tietokanta ja alustasiirtoon yms… Luulisi jossain esim. AMK tasolla olevan jo jonkin verran koherenssia pykätä kaupallinen peli muutaman opiskelijan toimesta yhteistyössä jonkun oikean tahon kanssa josta sitten tulisi tukea grafiikkaan ja tarinaan yms.

  12. Julian says:

    Ya know, maybe they read up a little bit and realized just how impossible it would be to one-up a bunch of angry Finns.

    Angry Finns — with lawyers, or with sharpened sticks, the weapons don’t matter.

  13. yacobus says:

    Surely a great solution to resolve conflicts. Thumbs up for both sides.

  14. Max says:

    That’s a good way to go, Iron Sky People :) Wish you good luck with the Chinese fans, let it work out well and let everybody win!

  15. Hosung Won says:

    So did they contacted to you guys?
    If they did, It must be great.
    But, still, Keep the eyes on them.
    If they felt sorry, then why they did not appologize straight to you guys? Why through the newspaper?
    Do they have something load on there mind?
    I hope everything will be fine.

  16. Hosung Won says:

    Be prepared for every situations. I’m really concerned about you guys. I know how my country tricked by China so many times. Truely, Be careful. Of course, It can be prejudice. But, That’s what I experienced during my life. Don’t take this easy. This is not warning but advice.

  17. Don’t worry, we’re always careful.

    Except when jumping into a frozen lake.

  18. Sakari Kestinen says:

    For those Finns who want that some college students should do an Iron Sky game instead of Ziiso: I disagree. If they’ve got some talent to do one, they ought to go the Ziiso way and actually develop their game, then negotiate afterwards about licensing. Ziiso ALREADY developed a game, and now they’re developing it further after this incident.

    I just love the way you guys solved this in your creativity-friendly way. It seems to be hard-coded in your corporate policy :)

  19. Christian says:

    Don’t forget Android smartphones. :)

  20. evilbong says:

    I think this is a great resolution to this “incident” and potentially a very productive one too. If I were a betting man I would’ve put my money on Ziiso just removing the game from Apple store and disappearing into the night. That’s how these things usually seem to go. Glad to see I was wrong.

    As for making an iPad game in Finland as a student or whatever project unfortunately I don’t think it would work. Ultimately it would just be what it sounds like; a project or a curiosity at best, despite the quality. There’s a very narrow kind of thinking in charge in this country when it comes to things like movies or videogames altho of course there are also succesful exceptions (Max Payne, Alan Wake and well… Angry Birds :). Generally I’d say Finland is (in creativity atleast) lightyears behind if compared to other Nordic countries. Denmark and Sweden and recently especially Norway produce constantly interesting movies that gather international attention (Trollhunter being the latest) but the only good finnish movie from recent years I can remember is Sauna (and Star Wreck which falls to a different category). This is why I’m really rooting for Iron Sky and hoping it will also bring a breath of fresh air into the film industry locally.

  21. enkaku says:

    Seems like they changed the plot and title, but there still seem to be Iron Sky elements in the game.
    On the second screenshot is the Iron Sky eagle, and in the fifth screen in the upper right corner is a Reichsflugscheibe.
    Could be that they have forgotten to remove it, or it’s a kind of homage or easter egg, because they didn’t forget to change the photographs.
    Don’t know if the makers of Iron Sky care for this, or are happy enough that they changed the name and story.

  22. steve c. says:

    well…my hat’s off to you dear sirs,on the “adult” handling of the situation. turning lemons into lemonade shows a decency missing in so much of todays “it’s all about me” society. kudo’s. i am uber-anxious for this film in april, it can’t come fast enough,and i wish you all the success in the world. a canadian anxiously awaiting…

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