Iron Sky Sneak Peek – Issue #1 of the Iron Sky comic!

September 30th, 2011 by Jarmo Puskala

This month we have something totally different on Sneak Peek. We have been talking about the Iron Sky comic books which are coming out very soon. To thank you for your continuing support, we have decided to give Sneak Peekers the three Iron Sky comics for free, starting with the preview of the first issue: Bad Moon Rising.

Iron Sky Sneak Peek is our fan service where subscribers will get to see how the first five minutes of Iron Sky are being made, starting from the idea and progressing month by month to the final movie. You decide what you want to pay for Sneak Peek, starting from 1 euro with the average being a bit over 3 euros.

For now you can read the comic preview in your browser, but in the near future we will publish it in digital comic stores, and we are looking for ways to publish it in paper form also in different regions. So, if you want your own copy of the comic, stay tuned!

So, head over to Sneak Peek for issue #1 of the Iron Sky comic, Bad Moon Rising – written by Mikko Rautalahti of Alan Wake fame and illustrated by Gerry Kissel!

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5 Responses to “Iron Sky Sneak Peek – Issue #1 of the Iron Sky comic!”

  1. This Iron Sky Comic is fantastic stuff. Can’t wait to have it all. Good luck for the tams who are working on the film and propaganda.

  2. Joona says:

    Heh, a nice way to give the CGI guys and gals some time to work without undue pressure on the first five minutes of the movie. Now you can just publish the comic. Cynical? Me?

    Seriously, this is good stuff. I don’t think I have to urge everyone to promote this on Facebook and such. This prologue is perfect to introduce Iron Sky for newbies. And to please us diehard veteran fans as well.

  3. Holland says:

    A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for cotnirbuintg!