Did you participate in the production of Iron Sky?

October 11th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

We are right now composing the end credits of Iron Sky, and want to double-check we have everyone’s names who participated in the production listed, and everyone who deserves a credit, gets it. This is an open call to everyone who has participated in the production in any way – no matter if you were an actor, an extra, did some work over at Wreckamovie (that ended up on the movie), participated via Skype, eMail… please, fill up this form.

The reason I’m asking is – as said – to make sure we get to credit everyone who participated in the film. In addition to this, we want to have your updated contact information to make sure we have them and are able to let you know when the film is out.

We are doing the end credits on 20th of October, so we are in a bit of a haste – thus, quick respond time is appreciated!

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32 Responses to “Did you participate in the production of Iron Sky?”

  1. Nicklas Petersen says:

    lol I donated by buying cheap product test thingy. Dont know if that counts though xD

  2. Richard Haynes says:

    I bought a shirt, but I don’t remember if I donated or not. Does that count?

  3. Huge Faggot says:

    I am a huge faggot please rape my face.

  4. We constructed a whole serries of Instrument dial faces with remote controlable needles for some sort of control panel I think in space?

  5. I would have loved to have participated in the production somehow, but never received any feedback… or maybe, I didn´t check up with you guys often enough… :-)

  6. On Ocotber the 15th 2011 occupy Frankfurt or join your local occupying group to end our corrupt financial system! Raise up for your future!

    More information (in German):


  7. Angela says:

    Hi, I got in towards the end and just watched the finish. I did not contribute on this one but sure enjoyed watching the final developments.

  8. Yes, I play the English Representative from the UN, and was number 12 on the cast list actually. I had five lovely lines to say but then lost the fifth one to the man in the corner. That’s show biz.

  9. Pekka says:

    How could I know?

    I contributed with some translations on the site, but have no way of knowing if they ended up being used :)

    Credits would be nice though :)

  10. Thomas Z says:

    i followed the produktion of this movie since the beginning, i celebrate avery news.
    and iam from germany, so if u dont set my name into the credits i will call my friends on the moon and they´ll come to eat your chickenwings!

    Ich habe die produktion des FIlms schon seit beginn verfolgt und habe jede neue meldung über den Film gefeiert.
    außerdem wohne ich in deutschland und wurde auch hier geboren, und wenn ihr meinen Namen nicht in den Abspann setzt, werde ich meine Freunde vom Mond anrufen und sie werden kommen und eure chickenwings stehlen….. FÜR IMMER!!! :)

    Die allerbesten Grüße von mir aus Deutschland, der schon kaum den release dieses hoffentlich großartigen films abwarten kann.

    Thomas Zwi***

  11. Max says:

    My friend and I have developed a cool fan website which has 100+ hits a day from post-USSR countries. I will try my luck to be memorised in the end credits ^_^

  12. Ronen says:

    I gave some suggestions for Earth’s defence, don’t know if they made it into the movie, but here it is: http://www.wreckamovie.com/shots/show/1173. I did some more stuff, but I can’t find it.

  13. Holger Rudolph says:

    Wish I had… :( Just suggested some things and offered my incredible *cough* talents, but you didn’t want me! :’(

    ….beside that…. all is good. :)



  14. Johannes Kresse says:

    Back in 2008 I suggested to have beer somewhere in the movie:


    I don’t know if that counts.

    But hey, you know what:
    I would pay to have my name in the end credits.
    Is there a way to achive this ?

    By the way I currently try to convince some cinemas to have IronSky.

  15. Hosung Won says:

    Well… How can I know?

    I just kept translating articles of IronSky in Korean.
    And Iron Sky fan cafe in Korea’s member is now over 200.

    I hope people will demand the Iron Sky.

    Ending credit?
    Humm…. I don’t know.

  16. Emory says:

    Haha, i definitely didnt do anything to get into the credits (bought a poster and told people about the movie lol) but i just want to thank anybody here who actually did do stuff to get the movie going! I absolutely cannot wait to see it

  17. Michael says:

    I bought a mouse pad and poster and gave some money for the comic. I would have done more but alas my money is under supervision. Suffice to say I am looking forward to the movie and best of luck. (I will accept any role or voice over though cause I was a drama king in high school!) Good luck and can’t wait.

  18. Michael says:

    BTW I was kidding about the supervison. Reality is I was on budget with my contributions so no scrutiny. Staying on budget rocks!

  19. Jordan Moller says:

    I designed the twin fuselage Earth Forces craft, that was a cross between a space shuttle and a P-38 Lightning fighter plane, over on Wreckamovie.

  20. Ian Sebryk says:

    i attempted to help, but i received no communications for my offers to do so over on Wreckamovie. so, nope, not in the credits. too bad, i’ve worked on films for 12 years in CG…

    maybe next time.

  21. Schlagwerker says:

    Hi guys,

    I was planned to act in the office as police officer, but the stress during filming in Rüsselsheim Opel Werk avoided my action … somehow :-))
    Anyway, I spent a nice evening / night with Timo and the crew and got an insight into how to work practically.
    Even if my face doesn’t appear in the movie I would like to see my name in the credits but I do not insist in this.
    Main thing is the movie is coming out and will be successful.
    Stay tuned !

  22. Aaron Agassi says:

    I provided from my own personal online research, background into Moon Nazis as the concept originates in actual Neo Nazi propaganda, and pitched story ideas inspired therefrom. Do let me know if anything I contributed was ever actually put to use in the film. Sequel, anyone?

  23. Hans Joseph Schmitt says:

    I wrote you,and told you the truth,but you think I’m lieing
    So it’s not what you wanted to know,so I then stop trying
    Still we survivors are still alive,and we know the truth
    Thought it may not fit what you want & is a bit uncouth
    I was there at the beginning in 33 when the whole started,
    we were ready for anything & our feeling weren’t half hearted
    I was ten years old and joined the Hitler Youth,then & there;
    and worked,trained and fought on the land,sea & in the air
    At 22 I was the youngest SS Captain in combat living in Munich;and the US brought me to America to train them how to fly Jets;something they didn’t even know existed.I’ve worked and lived in the US and managed projects at JPL and NASA for many decades now-but you thought I was lieing.Now I’m working with a European company who is producing a real movie that will make yours look like a child’s attempt at reality.The reality of Germany then and OUR advancements is far beyond anything you have yet to learn-but I know and you never will.

  24. Simo says:

    I wish I had a chance to participate, but you never called me.

  25. Pavel says:

    I have translated and voiced your trailer specifically for the Russian fans:
    Or is this not considered?))
    PS: I do not speak English.
    And created a Russian fan teaser:

  26. Scary mike says:

    Love the old school Paranoia logo! The film looks pretty good too ^_^

  27. Julian says:

    I didn’t do much except comment a wee bit in Wreckamovie,
    but I’ve been faithfully if somewhat erratically and temperamentally spammer-killing in the Energia Forum
    for quite a long while.

  28. Joona says:

    Well, I’m going to buy ticket anyway. Is that good in of?

  29. jonv tarumanegara putra says:

    Well…its a little bit too late,i just open my mailbox but i made some rough sketches design for the earth fleet. I wish i can see my name though. :)

  30. I sent in some Voice recordings for the “Nazi fleet communication” task. After seeing the movie, I’m not sure if I actually heard my voice there. Maybe it was in there …

    How do I find out if my recording was used?

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