Do you want to be a Moon Nazi soldier in Iron Sky? You still have a chance!

November 21st, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

We’ve just finished the edit of Iron Sky, and the film is looking darn good! We’re still going to be shooting one more day for some background characters for several large shots, and need few fan extras to join us in Helsinki on Wednesday, 23.11. from 09:00 onward. What we need is:

* Average-bodied male, a bit sporty would be preferable
* 170-175 cm
* Blonde, short, straight hair.

If you are interested, send an email with your info to with your headshot.

We won’t be able to pay you, but we’ll feed you :)

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28 Responses to “Do you want to be a Moon Nazi soldier in Iron Sky? You still have a chance!”

  1. Ara says:

    Uh guys I think you mean “average” and not “normal”. because to say that there is a “normal” body type is kinda gross oand offensive and othering.

  2. Rikkum says:

    Why are you guys looking for midgets as extras? :(

  3. J. says:

    You’re gonna shoot green screen plates?

  4. Matedon says:

    Should have just asked for thoroughbred examples of the master race. That would have maybe been better?

    And on a side note: “normal bodied / normaalivartaloinen” is a totally politically correct and officially used expression in Finnish. It includes all the body types that are not considered to be “different” as in anorexic or obese. So probably it was just lost in translation.

  5. Ara: Indeed “average” is what we mean. Fixed it and will slap Timo with a frozen fish for that typo.

  6. Max Fun says:

    Darn… No fits at all. For except that I’m male. :(

  7. Amaya says:

    This is so wrong, why can’t a brunette female be a moon-nazi soldier? lol Hey I’m 175cm! ;-)

  8. Harriv says:

    Nazi midgets? (sorry:)

  9. Mike Pohjola says:

    Obviously, the lower gravity on the moon impairs growth so they’ll be a bit shorter than the men on Earth!

  10. Simo says:

    Damn, too tall and too brownhaired. If yuo guys are going to continue making these awesome projects, I’ll be keen to join you. I can make pretty much anything.

  11. suorastas says:

    So, did you already contact the people you want?

  12. Max says:

    So, why am I in Kiev, not in Helsinki :( I would make a great, truely patriotic Moon Nazi :(:(:(

  13. JayJay says:

    Highly nteresting, but why the nazies choosed to be so short..?

  14. Alex says:

    im 6 ft 2 blond hair blue eyes but somewhat obese lol

  15. Moon nazi says:

    Damn, I noticed this way too late. :( I’m almost like that, except I have half-long hair, but them can be cutted. :D

  16. Frazer says:

    Surely low gravity would lead them to be taller ?

  17. Dennis says:

    I am 1.76cm, slim, and a little bit sporty. With green-blue eyes and brown short hair. I am interested. Mail me if u want. Best regards

  18. Dennis says:

    Ah and i forgot to say: I’m german :)

  19. Richthofen says:

    Ich bin ein durchschnittlich Deutsch männlich, dass der Sport liebt und hatte eine Menge von Familie unter der Kontrolle von Hitler, wie die SS

  20. Richard Kranz says:

    just looking for adults? (am 16…)
    are these properties a “must be” or ware they prefered?
    intersted, but have no high expections for an answer.
    i love acting soldiers! ;) and i am german. straight hair (brown, can color it ^^), 180cm, like sports.

  21. Actually they searched people for a shot done on 23.11.2011. Maybe it´s a littlebit to late to apply now ;) Hey but hope is the last thing that dies!

  22. Richard Kranz says:

    sad…but maybe then they should close this offer ^^

  23. Victor Hugo says:

    porque hacen estupidecedes!
    fuck this movie.
    fuck nazis.
    fuck you guys brain damaged.

  24. Richard Kranz says:

    @ Victor Hugo
    ??? why that? because we wanna play moon nazis it doesnt mean that we ARE nazis! come on, thats 70 jears ago! we can make fun of it ^^ and i say it now: i like nazi-military! but i hate hitler and his ideology. i just like their helmets, weapons and uniforms. they got style! but the nazis themselves??? no thanks! kill em all!

  25. OpTiKaWn says:

    IM from east coast of United stated Pittsburgh Pa and very instrested in being a extra, are u guys providing transportation??? airfair?? hotel?? if not is there ne other other projects that will be going on at the time or in a short time that will be paying jobs like if i was to pay my way to get there would it be worth it for me to maby get into the business i would love to make a life long dream come true out of it and become a full fleged actor… i know it s a long shot but i think im good with plenty of street smarts and common sense, im also german,italian,english,irish decent and fit it well over there accross the pond.. but im not rich just middle class and to dump tons of money for tickets and travel expensives and hotels stays would be a giant deal to me but if u guys are bringin people in that would be awesome, and i love all syfy and have extensive knoledge of compuiters and their workngs and can even build my own custom computers better than all the big box companies.. so im good in the g

  26. mexican says:

    im with brown skin, heigth 185, big mustache can i be a good nazi ?


  27. Paul says:

    Im german, soldier, blonde, sporty, with short haire. But I am 1,93m.

  28. Ben says:

    Guys, stop applying the Scene was shoot on 23.11.11, the movie will premiere in 11 Days now!

    And about people growing up in low gravity environments:
    The generally accepted theory is that they would actually grow taller than on earth.
    So no Moon midgets, what ever their reason was for requesting the person to be short, it was something different, probably the costume they had was for that size (doubt they make a new costume within 2 Days of the shoot)