Iron Sky Theatrical Poster Released!

February 3rd, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

My friends, I have great news! The Iron Sky Theatrical Poster is finally here!

Here’s a “making-of” of the poster, where you can see the different revisions of the poster as we developed it.

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24 Responses to “Iron Sky Theatrical Poster Released!”

  1. hosungWo says:

    I knew that design will be selected!
    It looks AWESOME!

  2. sample-d says:

    …yessss – this Is how it should look – awesome…

  3. Wondering says:

    Looks Great!

    When will the new release trailer be released? Many films release their trailers almost a year before the release and Iron sky only has about two or three months before it’s in the theater!

    Just a Wonderer

  4. We’ve done already three teasers and a trailerisque Berlinale announcement, so we are happy to hold back a bit on the trailer.. But it’s in the works, and should be out very soon!

  5. Chaosdada says:

    Is that supposed to be Sarah Palin on the banner?

  6. littleguy says:

    I’m throwing money at the screen, this is gonna be sooo awesome!

  7. k says:

    The final poster on imgur lacks the “A TIMO VUORENSOLA FILM” writing above the title, which is present everywhere else.

  8. Yeah, had to do some small fixes to the poster and that forgot. But in the final it is.

  9. sami c says:

    Why does Otto Gönz name appear last name first?
    In the poster and also in opening credits on sneak peak?

  10. Viktor says:

    wow and MUTE are releasing the soundtrack too! that’s amazing.

  11. Dr. T says:

    Re. sami c: “Otto” can be both a personal and a family name in Germany. The same holds for “Götz”. Look into Wikipedia for “Götz Otto”, the actor, and “Otto Götz”, the chessplayer.

    And I live in Berlin and was not able to get tickets for the Berlinale. Even the crappy Sunday night showing was sold out too fast. Bad for me. Good for the film.

  12. Wreckie says:

    So on what day new trailer will be out?

  13. Vilho says:

    Please add this poster to your store… I would like to buy it!

  14. Hannu K says:

    Sweeet you chose the best one!… and made all the things I suggested ;)

  15. It is phantastic, I like it very much, especially, I am in it, I hope not to be cut out.

  16. clyde says:

    Come on, I have the first posters y is the theatrical one not in the store? Need that really, so pls help :)

  17. sahlberg says:

    I am so going to love this movie.
    Trailer seems even better than I dreamt after first hearing about the project after the last StarWreck.

    While I think this will be truly awesome, what about working in some Zombies for the followup?

    Zombie Nazis From OuterSpace ?

    “they are back, and they are undead this time”

  18. Peace says:

    Will it be aired in Turkey too ?

  19. Gabriel says:


  20. Stretch says:

    Can’t wait to see it in Portland, or

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  22. Daniel says:

    What’s the name of the font used in the iron sky logo?

  23. niewaznejak says:

    A very valuable contribution, thank you!