Director’s Diary: Gearing up

March 8th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

Iron Sky and Varusteleka shook hands the other day and formed an axis of evil to fight the world. Varusteleka has been a key figure in providing the wardrobe of Iron Sky, and has been helping us out with a lot of things along the years. The good news for Finnish and European filmmakers is, that they are also setting up a costume rentals house for films and theaters and whatnot, so it should be pretty awesome in the future as well!

Because of that, Timo traveled all the way to Konala, Helsinki, to meet the führer of this awesome company, Valtteri. Here’s our little chat with Valtter. The song is provided by an awesome Swedish band called Chaos All Stars, check them out here!

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3 Responses to “Director’s Diary: Gearing up”

  1. Einar says:

    We need to plan a follow up right now! 2 more films on the subject. A trilogy.
    This is the future of moviemaking. How do you do it, amazing..
    Imagine a Sub nazi case.
    After 1945 an aircraft carrier seeks a safe haven in the cold north, and meet a badly hurt sub. The captains transform the carrier to a sub carrier. This will take som years ofcourse. And then they start to hunt our containerships…. Imagine a big carrier burst out of the sea.-)

  2. Max says:

    @Einar: …and they were patrolling the Bermuda Triangle all this time, I guess…? Alleged UFOs diving in and out of the ocean in that region – of course! Everything fits now!!! :P

    Perhaps they should go for a “hollow Earth” approach for the third movie… ;)

  3. Kannu says:

    @Einar: Sounds a lot like XCOM 2 Terror From The Deep.