Iron Sky Publicity Stunt

March 14th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

Here’s challenge to you all: come up with the best publicity stunt for Iron Sky, film it, release on YouTube and let us know about it – we’ll pick the best public stunt and reward it by hauling your and your 1 friend’s ass to Finland for Iron Sky Gala Premiere in Tampere 26.3.2012, Finland (officially the best city in the world and if you disagree, I hate you), with all the stars and the filmmakers present, topped with a Laibach live show. No matter where you are, if we like your stunt, we’ll fly you and your friend / lover / fuck buddy / mother in and get you a hotel room for 2 nights.

Here’s how it works:

1) Come up with a cool way to spread the word of Iron Sky. The message is: “IRON SKY IN THEATERS 4.4.” – everything else is up to you.

2) Film the publicity stunt – it needs to be something that takes place somewhere in public space.

3) Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do – i.e. *don’t* get yourself hurt & *don’t* do any racist / stupid / offensive / idiotic / retarded shit. This is supposed to be fun.

4) Release the video on YouTube and publish it on our Facebook Wall. The title of the video needs to contain the words IRON SKY PUBLICITY STUNT.

We’ll pick the best video on 21.3., submissions are acceptable ’till 21.3. MIDNIGHT FINNISH TIME, after that no more of that stuff will be taken in.

Go crazy, but – again – don’t do anything stupid!

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One Response to “Iron Sky Publicity Stunt”

  1. Kissan Pentu says:

    Tuon “Beyon The Iron Sky” tekstin rajauksen epätarkkuus on häiritsevää.