The first (almost) 5 minutes of Iron Sky!

March 18th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

Releasing the first five minutes has been quite a long process that the Sneak Peek supporters have been following from late 2010 on. We’ve been releasing new iterations of the first five minutes (almost) monthly over at Sneak Peek, starting with script, moving on to storyboards, early animatics, first green screen footage and eventually ending up with the finished material now viewable everywhere. Since it sort of got out to the Internet, I think it’s about time for us to release it “officially” – so here we go, the first (almost) five minutes of Iron Sky.

If you want to follow up how we ended up with the finished material, whether out of interest or to study the process, all you need to do is head over to Sneak Peek and follow back to mid November when we begun the process. Sneak Peek has always been a form of support for us – ‘Peekers can decide how much they pay for the access, starting with 1€, and they’ll get access to the Sneak Peek area of Iron Sky pages. There, we’ve released almost monthly a new revision of the first five minutes, but in addition to this, we’ve used it as a test bed for several projects we’ve planned releasing. The first version of our trailer was bombed down by the Sneak Peekers, thank god, and we never released it (rather used the comments for good and re-vamped the trailer to what it ended up being now, and it was good, because so far we’ve reached a staggering 7 million views with it, more than trailers of Battleship and Spider-Man, and other 100+ million Hollywood juggernauts!), the Sneak Peekers got to decided which poster we went forward with, and helped us a lot during the production of the film, not only financially (and to be honest, it wasn’t there for money, the entrance fee being so small, but it was rather a gate so that only those who *really* care enough to dig out their credit card and pay even just one euro, got in – in that way we were able to keep it for HC followers only), but also artistically and marketing-wise.

Our initial idea when we started Sneak Peek was to release the first five minutes at one point, and – well, now is as good time as any. Hope you enjoyed it! And great big thanks to all the Sneak Peekers who’ve been with us along these years, hope you’ve had as much fun as we’ve had.

Iron Sky‘s release is nearing! It’s hitting theaters 4.4. in Finland and during April in many places around the world (more info here)! We’ve been screening the film in Berlin, Norway and Texas, USA, and the feedback has been absolutely awesome. We’ve had great reviews (Mark Kermode, Screen International, Wired to mention a few) and the audience loves the film. Right now we are doing a big tour around Finland (20 cities!), the ultimate bad-ass huge international gala premiere of Iron Sky is on 26.3. in the home town of Iron Sky, Tampere, Finland, topped with Laibach show, and then we’ll go to Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Australia… giving the film a grand and glorious final push!

For Finnish audience, you can head over to Finnkino’s site and get your tickets for the 4.4. opening here!

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4 Responses to “The first (almost) 5 minutes of Iron Sky!”

  1. :) says:

    This is a suggestion for you guys:
    Why not make a short YouTube-movie about Finncon 2012?
    Long one also would be greatly appreciated.

    I really really want to go there but I feel too old so am not going so there should be a movie about it. When I first went to those, I felt too young. Fast goes the time.

    Also I wish to congratulate you all for making the possible possible.

  2. barbie says:

    Or you can split the entire movie in 5 min. episodes and upload to youtube, no?

  3. beresford says:

    Just been to see the film but missed the first four minutes due to heavy traffic. By a bit of luck, the clip ends just at the point I walked into the auditorium (Director’s name in credits). :)