Iron Sky On Tour: The Walls, The Rivers and The Depression

March 24th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

Last we found ourselves from Seinäjoki and Vaasa, ended up giving some more unusual signatures, had great fun at Depression Park (it’s not it’s real name, but in the heart of the winter, that’s what it seems like..) and enjoyed a whole lot of good food, great audience, wonderful parties and all the good stuff.

Music by Analogue Audio Association and Älymystö

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5 Responses to “Iron Sky On Tour: The Walls, The Rivers and The Depression”

  1. Elehvantti says:

    Strange but seems like I been/worked/lived/visited all the towns below Oulu you have in your tour.
    Vaasa is the home of local pizzas. They taste better there
    Come to think of it, they taste better there than most pizzas I eaten in some countries. Telling about Porilainen but neglecting Vaasas food? ;)
    In Jyväskylä, there is no post about it yet, there is no movie theatre at all. Only shopping centre with some screens ;) No lobby or anything.
    Seinäjoki I never figured out. They need a town centre, badly.
    Higher buildings, so more people there.
    Who is “I” who writes in Twitter, there is a grammatical error, bad one in one of the titles in YouTube. Go see. Näin pilkuista pitävänä.
    If something on Earth is the alien overlord species, must be elephants. Just look at them. Tried to find a nice alien elephant picture to make my point, but no, they are more alien than the sketches or whatever they are in google. See babar in YouTube, or anything with our overlords.

  2. Other good aliens for possible tv series says:

    Everything has gone so dark, as if to reflect the goverments’ policies. Getting on too much debt on purpose, not caring about the peoples.

    Maybe time would be right for something positive? To give a glimpse of a better future, hope.

    Something advanced and peaceful. Like the Nox in Stargate maybe. On TV, vampires, always fighting soap opera persons and such. Used to be positive series as well, like Alf and My Favorite Martian.

  3. Other good aliens for possible tv series says:

    Now that the movie is into it’s second weekend and still going strong, I think it is ok to tell all the stuff about nazi flying saucers is a hoax. ;)
    Episode 1×09 of Dark Skies revealed it. In reality they are alien ufos people have seen as well as re-engineered ones from Area 51. Dark Skies had excellent storyline with real events mixing into the story behind it, alas it was done too early and therefore had no good special effects.

    As for all things being too dark, the French may live in another reality since they just made a movie about Marsupilami.
    Houba houba. :D
    Alas only in French, they do not want to share their happiness.
    They really should make movies about Valérian and Laureline, the (Belgian) Scrameustache and (Belgian) Yoko Tsuno too.

  4. John Long says:

    Here is a good idea:
    Put into your dvd also the hd version so I do not have to buy a blueray player just for one movie.
    I have bought all the scifi shows as I wish there was more, so will buy yours as well. How about some Iron Sky long johns? Black Horse makes good ones, get a deal with them and I will buy. Promise.

  5. Daniel says:

    Milloin Iron Sky On Tour: Turku-video tulee? Ollaan odoteltu aika kauan…