Raising our Dream Machines into the Sky

March 26th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

It is enough to have the strength
and knowledge
to raise our dream machines
into the sky

- Laibach / B-Machine

We started it in Tampere, and we’ll unleash it here as well. Iron Sky Premiere Gala in Tampere is happening today. You can follow us live on Katsomo and almost-live on YouTube. See you Under the Iron Sky.

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9 Responses to “Raising our Dream Machines into the Sky”

  1. Elehvantti says:

    Why no pipo in your store?
    I even used a translator program, did not figure out what is pipo in English. Thing one puts on head during winter. Not cap.
    Now I remembered Google translate but not looking anymore.
    T-shirts were not there, would otherwise have bought one. Make new ones, all sizes. The eagle without words “iron sky” would be cool, people would not think one is someone kissing ass of the famous rich moviepeople unless they knew.

  2. Keith Sauers says:

    Why no shipment update in your store? I’ve emailed the store multiple times in Finnish and English, but even the title PLEASE RESPOND receives no comment. Order placed from US 17 Feb, now it is April 2.

    Any assistance appreciated. I was charged on Feb17 but nothing has come.

  3. Sotia vastaan ja nyt kuvia lisää says:

    Keith, I figure they are not enough people to do stuff.
    Unlikely they would do that on purpose. Try same in Facebook, they seem to be there. Personally I don’t understand Facebook or Twitter, why would someone want to tell “ok, now i am in the outhouse, this feels so good!” or something similar as they do. Of course those who got companies like these people have a good reason to be there as the multitude is there as well.
    Things were better when the only place people talked was mostly text.
    King of scificomedy used to write there for a while. Too bad the movie was not up to his standards. They should have gotten the wreck guys to make it.
    I thought with the moonnazi idea they would fail, but boy was I wrong. Probably there is not a moviemaker in the world who could have made as good a movie. After Star Wreck, when they announced new stuff to come, I was hoping for something like Andromeda or better and was severely disappointed with the moonnazi idea – yet they pulled it off. Impossible came possible.

    But they probably should outsource to Varusteleka their sales.

  4. Keith Sauers says:

    Hi, Sotia:

    I hope you are right that they are just busy. I checked my order, but there is no indication of shipping. That tends to worry me when the money is charged before the item ships.

    As for FaceSpace and MyBook, I am not enough of a narcissist to post on such places. I think that the U.S. intelligence agencies invented these things so they could spy by having people volunteer information they would NEVER normally tell anyone.

    So in that respect, they are a great success!

  5. Vastaan Sotia says:

    (In case you were serious, I doubt the agencies target regular inviduals.)
    You could make a Twitter account with a false name maybe.
    Timo Vuorensola, the director, seems to write a lot there.
    On this page, on right, there is the link to his Twitter.

    Alas, it is very common for Finnish mail order companies to mess up orders. That is probably the reason the Iron Sky sales too are making mistakes, as it happens a lot they never thought about how bad marketing it is on international level.

    I personally, as thousands of others as well, have given up on the Finnish ones (computer equipment is cheaper by mail) and order from large German companies instead. They are faster and cheaper and have pages in English, some even in bad Finnish.

    Too bad Aldi and WalMart have not decided to come to Finland.

    The movie will be making a good return so they have no reason not to employ someone new to the sales office, yet they have not thought of it I suppose.
    Were it an american movie from some big studio it would make a BILLION dollars. Really. :) Happened to look at the IMDB top movies worldwide list, lots of them did make that or more. Lots of them were not that great.
    Maybe far less now, but still a lot considering the relatively low investment, given that according to people in Facebook it has been released by tiny distributors in most countries and thus it is not in many theaters. One of the large ones might be doing excellently profitable business by buying the rights from some small one and marketing it properly.

  6. Still the same guy says:

    Depending on your paying method, you might get your money back by telling the company you paid with.

    Of course when you want something, does not much help but at least money is not gone. So probably Twitter option is better, they are maybe more artists than business people but might then take the trouble of employing some language student or something to help with their sales.
    Or maybe it is just a problem of sales mails going to recycle bin or junk mail, I really have no idea. Considering the talent in the cgi, that is unlikely.

    Good business practise is, that when something is delayed give apology plus something extra.
    Practise one of my friends (long long time ago and don’t know him anymore since I lived in another town then) practised was who cares, thing here is that it’s not ok to make too much money or be too talented unless one belongs to the establishment so most understand not to try. Am not giving the details, but since this is about a movie, think Jay and Silent Bob. He looked like the former. :) Acted like the latter. ;)

  7. Just... says:

    Noticed the director has promised others who have not received their orders, in the Facebook, to take care of them.

    Were this movie made into a tv-series, would be quite easy.
    Set in 2118, nazis have won and been in power for decades. Only a small group still are trying to change the world for the better and trying to tell others about the need for democracy. Would be easy to make parallels to todays world, with parties having the same agendas despite claiming to be different, state TVs having propaganda news etc.

  8. Altamir Braga says:

    O meu caso é adquirir o filme. Ele existe?

  9. Nikke says:

    I watched Iron Sky twice in the theater, but I failed to recognize when in the movie Laibach played Tanz Mit Laibach. Which scene?