Iron Sky On Tour – Porburger

March 28th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

Traveling south from Rovaniemi we stopped at Pori and screened the film to an enthusiastic audience, and rewarded ourselves with healthy Porilainen afterwards. Great day, great evening, great food. What more can one ask?

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4 Responses to “Iron Sky On Tour – Porburger”

  1. Have fun in Lahti today says:

    Pitäkäätten hauskaa Lahdessa.
    Onko siellä sitten muualla hauskaa kuin teatterissa enää kun menivät lopettamaan kesäkelkkaradan. Kummasti lasten (ja aikuistenkin) ilot loppuu ja musiikkitaloa tilalle.
    Se oli hauskempi kuin Linnanmäen Vuoristorata.
    Above: Ranting in Finnish that they would end the best attraction of the town. Similar to the one in video:

  2. LahtiFun says:

    Still we do not know if Christian or someone else won the moonnazi clothing contest :( Or the division fynf were second or first :(

    Something I stumbled across in the net:
    Seems to work that one.

    Btw, no comedy movies about school shootings yet? How about make one. Am serious here, they are portrayed as evil, bad people and thus there surely will be more.

    In the last one, I checked the school’s pages. The school actually has ten commandments for its pupils. Whereas it sounds ridiculous, one of them in a small town with probably not much crime outside the school grounds, saying it is not ok to go outside the school during the day, such nazi rules may well cause shootings. School playing God with it’s own commandments, not good.

    This in Finland, how in other countries those work, I do not know.
    Seems to me, that first the children are teased in the school grounds, then the school teases more with dangerous drugs given to those who were teased and then the drugs work as planned and they start to shoot.
    Kids also are given fines for smoking in school. Why is that? They want to be adults, their teachers are allowed to smoke, so unless forbidden from everyone fines will only cause more problems. World is going more nazi all the time it seems.

  3. LahtiFun says:

    Our own idea with some diving equipment for the nazi suit competition did not work. Idea went something like the nazis having first been in Antarctica, there would have been the need for some.

    Since we did not take the trouble to get them early enough, the person who had them left for Easter holidays before we went to get them.

    Printed the insignia and some silly moon and antarctica references, hoping to be second or third place with something different but alas not this time. :P Anyone is free to use the idea in case no moon nazi uniform is available when going to the cinema :P

    Christian’s demand for another show in the theatre was excellent. He should win I think.

    New movie is needed now.
    Tends to be good movies only every two or three years nowadays so how about you make new scifi movie at least once a year. Let actors do the touring and get new ones for new movie.

  4. Historic says:

    Gdiddy car givaway begins; largest sale tops $200,000.Some of the most rare state license plates sold in lots for five figures. A set of classic Minnesota plates sold for $26,000, while Maine plates fetched $29,900.