Iron Sky distributor bends due to huge fan demand – extends cinema run in the UK!

May 23rd, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

We are happy to announce that finally, after a long fight, our UK distributor has agreed to change their plans, and Iron Sky will get an extended run in the cinemas.

And the thanks goes to all of you out there! You’ve made your voices heard, and your demands have been met. It’s great news for us, for Iron Sky, and especially for everyone who has been out there waiting for years for this film to reach the big screens.

More than that, this is a wonderful show of force of the people, and a great proof that having a big community backing you up makes you stronger when somebody is trying to walk over you.

Thanks again to you all, now go see Iron Sky in theaters in the UK starting 23.5., and grab a pint after that to celebrate the victory!

Iron Sky is playing in these theaters, starting today:

Prince Charles Cinema
Stratford East Picturehouse
Ritzy Brixton
Curzon Wimbledon
Hackney Picturehouse
Showcase Bluewater
Brighton, Duke of Yorks
Tyneside Newcastle
Exeter Picturehouse
Fact Liverpool
The Light, New Brighton
Showcase Newham
Showcase Dudley
Showcase Reading
Showcase Coventry
Showcase Birmingham
Electric Birmingham
Showcase Nottingham
Showcase Peterborough
Hyde Park Picturehouse, Leeds
Showcase Leeds
Showcase Walsall
Showcase Cardiff
Showcase Manchester
Manchester Cornerhouse
Showcase Stockton
Showcase Bristol De Lux
Bristol Watershed
Showcase Derby De Lux
Showcase Leicester De Lux
Showcase Liverpool
Showcase Paisley
Sheffield Showroom

Cameo Edinburgh
Belmont Aberdeen
Showcase East Glasgow
Dundee Contemporary Arts
Eden Court Inverness

QFT Belfast
Cork Triskel

Iron Sky will continue to play on these cinemas as long as there’s demand:

The Prince Charles Cinema, London
Picturehouse Stratford East
Picturehouse Belmont Aberdeen
Picturehouse Exeter
Duke of York’s, Brighton

Showcase Coventry (Evening Showings)
Showcase Glasgow East (Evening Showings)
Showcase Coventry (Evening and Late Night Showings)
Showcase Cardiff Nantgarw (Late Night screenings)
Showcase Derby De Lux (Late Night screenings)
Showcase Leicester De Lux (Late Night screenings)


Timo Vuorensola
Director of Iron Sky

Tero Kaukomaa
Producer of Iron Sky

and the rest of the Iron Sky team!

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One Response to “Iron Sky distributor bends due to huge fan demand – extends cinema run in the UK!”

  1. Justin Taylor says:

    Just watched it in the cinema in Liverpool this morning. Excellent although missing the ‘We are leaving’ music, shame.

    Have posted details on my club website, so hopefully a few more people will be inspired to go and see it.

    But no sign of it being on for more than one day.

    Destined to a a cult classic.

    On the money don’t mess around, ask why they have not paid and if it does not seem reasonable. Part of every good business is getting paid for the work you do.