Next, we’re going hunting Hitler!

May 28th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

While Iron Sky is still very much coming out in all corners of the world, it’s also time to take a little look into the future. Blind Spot Pictures has released its’ future plans, and this is what the slate of upcoming releases looks like!

First and foremost, the leading production we’re jumping into is a time travel action film I Killed Adolf Hitler, which tells a story of a hitman couple sent back in time to assassinate – you guessed it! – Adolf Hitler! The script landed on my lap already quite a long time ago, and unlike many of the scripts that I’ve had the privilege to read, this one was simply terrific. It uses the scifi element of time travel in a very innovative manner, and I got excited about the idea to create the most realistic Hitler in film history, to create him as a full-CG face reconstruction. The story is a great, action-packed drama with bunch of deadpan comedy moments, but underneath it all it produces an epic love story which was the thing I really fell in for with the film.

I Killed Adolf Hitler is a story written by a US writer DC Walker, based on Norwegian comic book artist Jason‘s Eisner-award winning comic book with the same name. Blind Spot has taken the lead in the production, and it’s a co-production between UK (Studio Eight Productions), Finland (well, us) and Germany (Niama Film). We’re looking at a budget that’s a bit bigger than with Iron Sky.

To be honest, I had no intention to do another Nazi-topic film as the one right after Iron Sky, but hell, you rarely get a script that good, and instantly fell in love with it. Wer’re hoping to move forward with the film quite quick, since the story is already in great shape, so it won’t take another millennia to get it to theaters.

Another production we are working on is the scifi series I’ve talked about already during the Iron Sky tour, called Deus X. Discussing with Samuli and the guys, we had the realization that series format scifi is going through a very hard time at this moment, and we’ve always had a big dream to start working on a series. The idea for Deus X is quite simply a religious war in space. We haven’t really released too much about the back story, other than it’s a story on a big war that’s going on over an anomaly in space that’s believed to be the very Heaven itself. Here’s a nice little piece of concept art we created for it – again, awesome work by Jussi Lehtiniemi (the art director of Iron Sky). We’ve also set up a Facebook page where you can log on and start following for now. Bear with us, there’s not much info out there, but will follow.

Both of these productions will end up eventually to Wreckamovie as well, with a bunch of urgent tasks attached, but – again – bear with us, we are a small team and we’re just trying to lift this huge bag of massive stones on our shoulders :)

And, on the topic of Iron Sky - yes, there’s more where that came from, absolutely! We had so much fun with the Moon Nazis, that we want to make more stories on them! And the good news is that we are going to – and not just one, but two things! Iron Sky prequel and an Iron Sky sequel!

To begin with the prequel, it’s been bugging me that we were never able to tell exactly *how* did the Nazis end up on the Moon, and *what* they’ve been doing there all these 70 years. We’ve of course planned a lot of it, but to make it real and make it something really exciting, we’ve decided to begin to work with an Iron Sky prequel series that’s shedding light on these topics. It’s also introducing a bit of background for some of the characters, and will generally be one damn fun ride with the favorite villains from the Far Side.

The sequel itself is a much bigger production, and to assure you, it’s not something we came up after seeing how successful Iron Sky was, but an idea that had been there actually for quite a long time, from the early days of the script development for Iron Sky. We’re keeping a lid on this one quite tightly, but it takes place a bit after the events of Iron Sky, and will be one massive film once we get it to its feet. But with that one, we want to give it good amount of time to develop, so it won’t be hitting the theaters any time soon!

And that’s not all. AJ Annila, who made also films like Jade Warrior and Sauna, is developing the new survival thriller Human with Blind Spot – a story about a wolf that gets bitten by a human, and turns into a man. Yeah, a werewolf story in reverse! And Aku Louhimies has just wrapped shooting Finnish crime drama Never Forever, which will hit the theaters later this year.

So, a lot on our plate at the moment, and a big leap forward, but hell – that’s what we’ve been doing ever since Star Wreck, and will continue on that road. And again, to repeat – I’d loved to have all of you long-time supporters, but as well newcomers, to join the journey. There’s more Nazi – and other – arses to kick, let’s get down to business with it!

Oh, and the Energia guys are still firmly involved – they have just merged with some creepily talented professionals also from Finland and changed their name to Troll VFX. Blind Spot Pictures and Mjölk together with Samuli Torssonen teamed up to form the company and they are working on VFX on advertisements and for sure on all the above-mentioned films! Their webpage is here!

Things looking nice, summer is here, everyone’s losing their winter weariness and we’re doing great in theaters with Iron Sky!

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16 Responses to “Next, we’re going hunting Hitler!”

  1. Elmo Allén says:

    “[...] which tells a story of a hitman couple sent back in time to assassinate – you guessed it! – Adolf Hitler. [...] It uses the scifi element of time travel in a very innovative manner [...]”

    When you say it that way, it sounds like you are calling an old trope, going back in time to kill Hitler, “innovative”. But honestly I believe you have some more innovative time travel usage in concoction. :)

  2. WolfStark says:

    The I Killed Hitler Story is nice, also I was surprised to see that scenario again. But honestly “Deus Ex”? Isn’t the title a little bit to uhm.. common? Especially through the computer game serious.

    Also I hope for female characters, the picture looks more like *sigh* just male fighting.

  3. darkgent says:

    cant wait to see more from your next ideas (no matter what it is) :)

  4. Gerd Soelzer says:

    Why aren’t you guys starting something serious?! Something to shake up the people of the world… a true story about the NWO (new world order), the Rothschilds, Freemasons… a coming 3rd World War planned by Zionist-Elites who are ruling the world…or back-arriving UFOs from outher space at the end of Maya-calendar!
    These are interesting topics… the whole Hitler-plot… sorry, but as a German… I can’t hear and see it anymore!

    Better let’s wipe all the subhuman Dictators of OUR TIME off the earth-edge!

  5. Daniel says:

    Really like the things here. Will you guys be releasing 3D Models used in Iron Sky? Would be really nice that people could create Iron Sky Fan Animations – People like me, 3D Artists, that have been following Energia VFX all since Star Wreck was released! :)

  6. J. says:


    Sequel to Iron Sky… A war about energy resources?
    Sounds like a political action thriller with spaceships! Am I right/close?
    Please don’t be too secretive, after all you need some kind of sticky outline to keep the people aware of it!

    Btw, I read the ”I killed Adolf Hitler” comic; it’s very clever and dry, but I hope the movie will be a bit less ”snappy” and more dramatic. (but I had the same concerns about Iron Sky and luckily I was proven wrong)

  7. @Elmo ..yeah. What I mean is that the script utilizes time travel to build a love story, and that I haven’t seen very often. Killing hitler with a time machine is by no means a new phenomenon, and yet another proof that time travel will not be possible at least not in the near future, otherwise probably wouldn’t know anything about Hitler.

    @WolfStark Oh, the people in the power armor are actually women. You just can’t see it because of the… well, power armor! :)

    @Gerd How’s your medication doing? :)

    @Daniel no plan at this moment but who knows, would be cool in one way.. Have to talk with Samuli and the guys.

    @J. We’ll tell more, as we progress with things. We have quite a clear storyline of the whole sequel of Iron Sky written down, but let’s wait a bit ’till we get it on its’ feet. Regarding IKAH, yes, for sure it’s going to be more “cinematic”, but I do appreciate the deadpan approach of the comic book. You’ll find it an interesting mix, I promise :)

  8. Deus X is going to be trademark hell for you guys, really suggest you avoid it :/

  9. R. Hollatz says:

    I think I killed Adolf Hitler, could be
    a good story, but only if it does not change
    the time line, or it would be only in be
    Inglourious Basterds from (north)-europe.

    Why not think of a 13 ship of the nazi’s which
    went to mars or even jupiter moon europe, here
    they build a regime like in metropolis, and perhaps let
    the machine go wild, or let them help
    earth now after mankind has nearly killed itself.

  10. J. says:

    Glad to hear that about IKAH. A ”British” action comedy based on a Norwegian comic with a Finnish director makes it worth seeing anyway!

    Was the ending of Iron Sky written with a sequel in mind? To me it’s rather a kind of metaphor or dark joke (as in: See what happens when you’ve got selfish, greedy and irresponsible leaders) than a prelude to another story in the world of Iron Sky.
    But I’m confident that you’ve a good idea that makes sense (for as far as that’s possible with this subject :P).
    Will you start writing the actual script anytime soon or are your first gonna look for some development money to hire a writer etc?

  11. Paul says:

    How bout Commies from Mars?? the red planet!!! or Jews in space, defenders of the hebrew race……wait that one been done before!!

  12. Robert says:

    Hi Timo. Would love to be involved in the prequel. You’ve already used my image for Dr Stober in the comic.

  13. @J. The end was written with this story in mind. But somehow it happened that we already started thinking sequel ideas when writing it…

  14. Aroddo says:

    I already don’t like the idea.

    Every time travel movie involving changing the past was bullshit. It is bullshit per definition.

    And while Iron Sky was awesome, you shouldn’t limit yourself to be a one-trick pony.

    Let go of the Hitler shit and create something original.

  15. Matteo P. says:

    @Timo et al.: I didn’t read IKAH, but it sounds awfully like the (current) last XKCD strip ( ) ;-)

  16. Olrik says:

    Having finally and just watched “Iron Sky” I am compelled to record my reactions to this unique film. First, it has achieved a significant cinematic achievement with a limited budget. The special effects are impressive, if technically flawed (see below). All of the individual actor performances are great. It is a dark comedy drama, with campy and kitschy film history references. I laughed along at various segments, as did my fellow viewing audience. The story arc rivets one’s attention and is engaging, at least to a certain point beginning near the last quarter of the film.
    However, it is a flawed film both technically and based on the expectations of a significant segment of the online crowd support that had built momentum for this project over the past several years around the world. A lot of these expectations were centered around how a fascist militaristic society on the Moon with a 1945 baseline of German weaponry – with a given significant edge of a revolutionary aerospace propulsion system – could evolve over the course of some seven decades along analog lines and how this capability would react with today’s terrestrial digital military systems in combat.
    First of all, it should be recognized that the film’s central premise that Germany developed advanced aircraft of a disc/flying wing configuration during World War 2 is based upon a core of truth and is not some crazed nonsense. Much of the details of these developments have been muddied over the decades by layers of misinformation and disinformation, but there is little doubt that revolutionary German aerospacecraft were under development by the end of the war and these developments were likely continued by the victorious powers after 1945. For a highly readable fictionalized account of these achievements, based upon prodigious documented research, see W.A. Harbinson’s landmark novel “Genesis” and his follow-up Projekt Saucer series and a non-fiction treatment of the subject.
    Now, the basic technical and military flaws of the film:
    1. German soldiers (Waffen SS) are once again portrayed as robotic bowling pins that can be knocked down in droves, while the reality is that during the war they outperformed the Western Allies with a combat effectiveness ratio of 2.5/1 or more and the Soviets at greater than 5/1.
    2. The flying discs in the film were single stage to orbit hypersonic vehicles, something no nation on Earth, except perhaps the United States with a limited capacity with the supposed secret Aurora project, have achieved. These vehicles would have an inherent fantastic acceleration capability and could not be shot down by vehicles such as the sluggish USAF A-10 Warthog – they would simple zip away and attack from a stand-off distance. This is simple physics and cannot be argued away.
    3. The Moon Nazi’s technologies are portrayed as highly evolved electromechanical analog systems developed along independent lines from Earth’s increasing capacities in digital systems. However, even with basic communications monitoring systems the Moon Nazis would have been aware of Earth’s developments and developed at least rudimentary countermeasures.
    4. The asteroid bombs shown being deployed by the “space Zeppelins” could devastate entire nations with an impact energy equivalent to millions of megatons of TNT directed to predetermined targets on Earth – this threat alone of hyper 9-11 consequences would result in widespread capitulation in today’s socially networked and interdependent world.
    5. Absolutely no nation on Earth today, or in four year’s time in 2018, have the type of deep space and military vehicle space capability suddenly demonstrated near the end of the film. The US today is in fact dependent upon 1950s level Russian space technology to send astronauts to the International Space Station. NASA’s budget has been devastated by the Obama administration and China is emerging as the world’s leading space power.
    By ignoring these details, what could have been a true science fiction classic, will now be likely remembered along the lines of Dino De Laurentiis’ amusing but syrupy version of “Flash Gordon”…