The Moon Nazis invade The Land of the Free!

July 13th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

The long-awaited Iron Sky’s North American release is at hands, and *you* get to say *where* the Moon Nazis land, and when. Together with our local distributor, Entertainment One “eOne”, and new online service called Tugg, we are able to bring Iron Sky almost in every cinema in United States. Where there’s a demand, there’s a screening.

So, get the word out and get Iron Sky to your city!

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28 Responses to “The Moon Nazis invade The Land of the Free!”

  1. Andrea says:

    Can you please get in stock more of the the womens Iron Sky T-Shirts in size XL or XXL?

    Not all of us girls are small :)

    Also you might want to consider issueing all three versions of the Ironsky t-shirt that you initially proposed at

    The Attack and Walkur T-Shirts would make really nice tops :)

  2. Alec says:

    I am a Nazi investigator who would love to see this movie released in Omaha, Nebraska! If the film could be made available to the whole nation that would be great!

  3. Eugene says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Phoenix, Arizona please.

  4. Ed says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Redding, CA please.

  5. Nate says:

    Please bring Iron Sky to Evansville Indiana

  6. Reaver says:

    Just saw the movie last night in Wheaton, ILL
    lots of fun, a good movie, I would like to see it again.
    Good job guys

  7. Timo, thanks so much for all the hard work you and your team have been doing to allow so many of us to see this movie in the theaters. Our August 21 showing in Beaverton (Portland Oregon) reached the needed confirmed number in less than 24 hours and is close to selling out! We are ready to kick some Nazi Ass!

  8. richard iron lung smith says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Saskatoon, sk, Canada…… huge steam punk community here and we are sooooo looking forward to this movie


    Please bring Iron Sky to Norfolk , Va. or Virginia Beach, Va. PLEASE!!!!
    Respectfully, Dash

  10. Mark says:

    Please bring Iron Sky to Alpharetta/Johns Creek GA. We don’t have enough in the way of quality film in this area!

    Also…Sen’d me a T-Shirt or a Hat, will ya?

  11. Richard, Dashiell and Mark, you 3 can bring it to your citys YOURSELF. I filled out the paperwork at tugg and with a little social networking… BAM! SOLD OUT in 4 days, Beaverton (Portland Oregon). Make it happen, fight the Moon Nazis.

  12. BE says:

    Richmond, ca, would be really nice.

  13. Domenico says:

    Please bring Iron Sky to London, Engerland


  14. AnaMD says:

    I purchased two tickets to the showing in VA on August 10th, this Friday. I just found out that this Friday won’t work out for me and I am forced to offer my tickets for sale. Or in exchange for a small Iron Sky girls t- shirt;) .. If anybody wants to bring two friends to the showing this Friday- please contact me, I dont want the tickets to go to waste!

  15. Zaphod says:

    Dragon*Con. August 31-September 2. I think that says it all..

  16. Five Points says:

    Bring it to Raleigh, NC’s Rialto Theatre!

  17. !soni says:

    Little Rock, Arkansas must be the home of Iron Skies. Let them moonies land here…:)

  18. Ronnie says:

    Many of us in Lubbock, Texas are eagerly awaiting the appearance of IRON SKY here.

  19. Stephen says:

    Send the Nazis to Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

  20. namgod says:

    Norfolk VA please. Or anywhere within a 100 mile blast radius of the eastern seaboard.

  21. psychedelic-souleyeon says:

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Ready for my UFO joyride baby!!!

  22. Jeff says:

    Huge steampunk and dieselpunk movement in Portland Oregon. We have been waiting……

  23. Joona says:

    @Alec: Nazi investigator? Sounds fateful. I was under the impression that Gestapo quit in 1945!

    Seriously, I’ll put in a vote for my friend. Bakersfield, CA.

    Although it is one goddamn Hicksville no bigger than Helsinki.

  24. Non-German speaker says:

    I just saw Iron Sky in Durham, NC. Great fun! I just feel I missed half the jokes since my German is very poor.

    A humble request: Next time you make a movie and distribute it in the States, would it be possible to subtitle the non-English parts in English, please?

  25. Nikolas says:


    Your grandparents probably got first glances of nazi spaceships there on 1951.

  26. Julian says:

    Maya Theater in Bakersfield ia a good venue, so is Edwards Theater.

    Bakersfield, California, represent!!

  27. Justin M.Frost says:

    Please Pleas Please bring a screening to Vancouver BC!!! Have been wanting to see this for months and months.

  28. Robert says:

    Please, bring this film to Edwards Cinema in Mira Mesa, San Diego, California.