Iron Sky: Invasion -game coming to PC, XBox and PS3!

September 5th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

Great news, dear troopers! Iron Sky game – a proper space shooter – is on it’s way, from an award winning multi-platinum selling game developer Reality Pump (Earth 2150, Two Worlds 2, etc.), is developing the official Iron Sky video game Iron Sky: Invasion, which will release on November on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Iron Sky: Invasion puts the player in the pilot seat of defending Earth from a sudden Nazi invasion – from space. Even though Iron Sky: Invasion is a space simulator, the game contains major underlying theme of politics: everything, even defending your planet from Moon Nazis, requires skillful political maneuvers. You will need to know who you are fighting for, whose boots you are stepping on, and choose your friends – or more importantly – enemies carefully.

Reality Pump has been developing Iron Sky: Invasion in close connection with us – we’ve been helping them to tie both the visuals and storyline tightly into the Iron Sky universe. Iron Sky: Invasion will utilize technology developed by Reality Pump Studios showcasing beautiful graphics and high-speed battle sequences. The Grace2 engine allows photorealistic renderings of hundreds of space ships, advanced destruction physics and sophisticated AI of piloting spacecraft. Additionally, Grace2 will show the game in stereoscopic 3D for all players with 3D TV’s and monitors.

Walküries approaching Earth in Iron Sky: Invasion.

I’ve always known that Iron Sky needed a proper video game around the franchise, one where the whole complexity of the world of Iron Sky could be examined. It’s good to announce Reality Pump’s involvement, as the world of Iron Sky – one we’ve cherished and nurtured for years – is now in the capable hands of an experienced, quality-driven game studio.

Topware Interactive‘s Iron Sky: Invasion will arrive in stores, Steam and other outlets on November 30th 2012.

We’ve agreed with the game developer to pre-sell this game with a special price to the Iron Sky community to finance the development of Iron Sky prequel & sequel.

So the game is available NOW at our STORE!

For more information:

Spitfire is one of the ships you get to fly in Iron Sky: Invasion

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