On Harm’s way – Iron Sky team heading to Hollywood

November 14th, 2012 by Rauli

We started out with a small Finnish Star Trek -parody. We followed it up with a big Finnish-German-Australian scifi Nazi comedy. And now it’s time to see how films are made in the Hollywood. Yes – that’s where we are headed, and we’d love to invite you alongside the journey!

But before going further, let me quickly tell you about a new friend of mine, Jeremiah Harm.

Jeremiah – you can call him Jerry, but he’ll probably rip your limbs off if you do – is a nasty guy with a bad attitude and a bolt-action rifle to back that up. He’s a human, but never really went to Earth. Born and raised in several intergalactic orphanaries with a bunch of aliens from all corners of the galaxy, he begun a career as a bounty hunter early, scoring his first kill before the age of 15. After that, the bodycount has been steadily rising, and by mid-30′s, he has basically hunted down every imaginable race in the galaxy – but not his own kind. See, he’s the only human around as far as he knows, until he is assigned to Earth, a planet claimed to be lost thousands of years ago. And of course he finds himself from New York, chasing a bunch of alien criminals and a girl they kidnapped from the Most Important Man In the Universe.

This much is clear, and pretty much everything else is still open. Yes, we are very early with the production, but our aim is to charge into the battle with all guns blazing, and we’d loved to have you guys join us on the ride. Crowdsourcing is back in the picture – we start by looking for 1 000 000 crowdsourced aliens to populate the world of Harm – and our journey will be documented in the form of Signals, Director’s Diaries and me being an avid Redditor myself, we’re planning to take much of the production to Reddit as well.

But before we rush on, let’s talk a few words about the team working on Jeremiah Harm. The whole story is based on a graphic novel by Alan Grant and Keith Giffen (they’ve worked on Lobo, Judge Dredd & Batman), and published by Boom! Studios. I’ve always loved Lobo, and Jeremiah Harm definitely has the same tone written all over it.

Producers are also rather interesting: Arnold Rifkin, a producer who made most of Bruce Willis’ films, as well as a bagful of other big hits, and Ross Ritchie, the man running Boom! Studios, quite possibly the most interesting comic book publisher out there (check out their catalog here, rather impressive I must say).

And of course, there’s us. Yes, Tero Kaukomaa of Blind Spot is producing, Samuli Torssonen and Jussi Lehtiniemi of Troll VFX on visuals – and I’m directing. And then there’s, of course, you.

We are hoping to extend our collaboration which we started successfully with you on Star Wreck and Iron Sky, and I think creating a full galaxy worth of aliens, cities, planets, laws of physics and what not, is probably even more rewarding than ever before!

And of course, there is a promo, just like we had with Iron Sky back in the very beginning. The idea of the promo is to define a bit of the world, the style and the look and atmosphere of the film. It’s of course just a promo, so not actual material from the film, but I think you’ll get the idea!

Jeremiah Harm Promo

And, we made a new signal about it as well:

The Signal Episode 1: On Harm’s Way

So, here we are again, on the doorsteps of another crazy journey. Come join Jeremiah Harm’s Facebook-page, Twitter account and Reddit account, and – most importantly – spread the word, and click here for to start crowdsourcing aliens with us!

PS. Want to get a bit of an idea of the upcoming film – check out the Jeremiah Harm comic books on Comixology, you’ll get an idea on what we are talking about!

- Timo Vuorensola

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4 Responses to “On Harm’s way – Iron Sky team heading to Hollywood”

  1. Awesome! It’s going to be some exciting years onwards following this production.

  2. Merq says:

    Sounds great! I love following you guys, how your story goes from Star Wreck to bigger and bigger things, it all makes me so happy. :) And here we go again, this is so fun!

  3. Martha says:

    WOW!!! from Saaremaa. God help Hollywood! Will it ever be the same.

  4. Wm. Tomlinson says:

    How disappointing. I eagerly awaited “Iron Sky.” Do not get me wrong, there was much of it that was very entertaining, but the blatant socialist bent and anti-Americanism really quite ruined an otherwise enjoyable film.

    You European elites always portray America as having imperialistic inclinations. We were the last man standing after WWII. We did not have to but rebuilt Europe and Japan. We have never been the aggressor, but always the liberator. If we were after others’ resources we could easily take them. We do not.

    Your portrayal of Sarah Palin as the president, while amusing on some levels, was absurd. She like many Americans is willing to lay down her life for others’ liberty.

    You have little understanding of the cocoon within which you have been protected by America. I would begin to consider alternatives now though if I were you. The American Republic is falling into a socialist state even as the Weimar Republic did 80 years ago. It will not be pretty.

    You all wanted America to become socialist? Take care for that which you wish. You will soon see the results. President Obama and his ilk will soon destroy the last vestige of liberty. You Finns might want to go herd reindeer. As America declines you will suddenly find tyrants at your door.

    Mock as you will a once great nation. But when her light goes out, I do not envy you your fate. But as a true American I still would desire you might prosper. Sadly you will not. Your suffering will follow ours, though I wish it were not so.