Iron Sky is now one years old – happy birthday!

February 10th, 2013 by Timo Vuorensola

Time flies when you are having fun, they say. Well, they are not wrong. It still feels like it was just yesterday when I called “It’s a wrap” for the Iron Sky shoot almost 2 years ago in Australia. One year from that, we marched proudly in front of 2000 people standing ovations at Friedrichstadt-Palats at Berlinale 2012. After that, the film went ballistic globally – from USA to Japan, from Thailand to Finland, from Germany to Australia, the Moon Nazis landed on over 60 theater screens, and after that smashed through your home doors into your living rooms as a DVD, BluRay and VOD.

Here are some memories from the Berlinale premiere, one year ago:

It wasn’t an easy year, though. Travelling means being a lot away from your loved ones, and releasing this film means I traveled more days than I stayed in Finland. Being public property of sorts, dealing with criticism can be sometimes flooring, but luckily there’s always you, fans, to help me back up. Interviews are great, but you can only tell your story in so many ways. Premiere parties are nice, but there are healthier jobs out there than being a film director.

But now, here I am, back at Berlinale, sitting on the floor in the corner of Martin-Grobius-Bau, watching as the buzz of the European Film Market is around. New films on the market, new people celebrated, new deals being made. Iron Sky was out last year, to these people, it’s old news. But truth be told, the story of Iron Sky goes on. We have started to write the sequel, and the Director’s Cut is coming out this year. The Moon Nazis are still very much alive. But what’s most interesting is that everyone knows Iron Sky, worldwide. The film industry is aware of the small Finnish film freaks who made quite a ripple in the international market with the craziest film in long time, and we are proud and happy about that. We came here to make films and disrupt the ways films are made, released and distributed, and intend to continue down that road.

Tonight, we are having the first public screening of the Director’s Cut (we used to call it Extended Edition, but realized that Director’s Cut is probably more truth, we were forced to leave a lot of cool stuff out of the film due its’ initial release, and I was really happy for the opportunity to bring the film into its’ originally-meant glory). I will be reporting back to you from the premiere, but in the meanwhile, for those wanting to take a little trip down the memory lane, here’s the Director’s Diary archives of Iron Sky. Watching them you get quite a good idea on how big a job it was to create the film, quite personally seen through the lense of the director’s camera.

To celebrate the first year of Iron Sky, we released the Premium Anniversary shirt design, by wonderful artist Izumikawa MacFLY!

Click here to buy the shirt and support Iron Sky! Buy now and get -20% off of the price (now: 19,90€, normally 24,90€)

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