The trailer for Iron Sky: Director’s Cut released

June 22nd, 2013 by Timo Vuorensola

The trailer for Iron Sky: Director’s Cut has been released. Featuring a new, Germanised vesion of Laibach/Siddharta classic B-Machine as a background, this trailer showcases the 20 new minutes injected in Iron Sky.

We’ve also launched the pre-order for Iron Sky: Director’s Cut at our website, Pre-ordering now, you’ll get a bluray, containing

- All new cut of Iron Sky, with 20 minutes more of the Moon Nazi mayhem, amazing visual effects by Troll VFX and great new music by Laibach.

- 90-minute Making-Of documentary Forging the Iron Sky

- A Concept Art booklet

And it’s signed by the director himself. That’s me.

So, place your pre-order now either at The Reich Stuff Store or claim the $40, $50 or $60 dollar perks at our IndieGoGo campaign, and get it delivered to you latest end of December this year!

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2 Responses to “The trailer for Iron Sky: Director’s Cut released”

  1. David says:

    I don’t own a Blueray player, and I have only Linux on my computer. Netflix requires a plugin from Microsoft called Silverlight, not available for Linux…

    I have been looking around, and playing blueray in Linux is everything but forthright. Would you be willing to include a HD digital copy that can be played in VLC?

  2. Andrea says:

    Looking forward to the directors cut on Blu Ray. Have already pre-ordered it and gave $70 to the funding campaign.

    Also please consider making more of the womens-fit t-shirts v neck as it makes them better tops to wear :)

    Now please make the films :)