Iron Sky The Coming Race – The Story So Far

July 5th, 2013 by Timo Vuorensola

For the last 50 days we’ve been busting our asses off working on Iron Sky sequel’s development funding through a crowd funding platform IndieGoGo. The road has been rather interesting, and even for the most die-hard fan it’s a bit hard to follow everything we’ve released, so I thought gathering it all up here in one place for easy way in!

The launch logo of the film, revealed to be titled Iron Sky The Coming Race

Iron Sky The Coming Race logo

Iron Sky The Coming Race logo

(Logo by Timo Vuorensola)

Here’s the first campaign video, the “North Korean hostage video” with director Timo Vuorensola’s plea to the audience.

And here’s the first press release:

“From the ruins of mankind, a new breed of superiority shall arise!”

The filmmakers behind the internationally successful scifi comedy IRON SKY are following up the insane storyline of Nazis on the Dark Side of the Moon by launching the crowdfunding effort for the sequel, titled IRON SKY THE COMING RACE.

So far, Iron Sky is the most successfully crowdfunded film in the world that has been released, raising $1,5 million from the crowd. The total budget of the film was $10 million. The aim with the sequel is to crush the crowdfunding records with help from its growing community for the scifi spectacle.

“Because Iron Sky had its genesis online and our funding model rose from those origins, people assumed we would follow an alternative distribution route, but we in fact raised other monies that put us on a more traditional path. Whilst it was great to work with distributors around the world who loved the project, with the sequel we want to return to our roots and see what new paths we can forge in online and alternative distribution.”, says producer Tero Kaukomaa. “When the new film comes out, we want it to be available for anyone, everywhere around the world and on whatever platform you prefer to watch it. Our goal is not to be dependant on any entity but our fans.”

The first goal is to raise money for the development phase to produce the script and a promo reel for the film, and a production plan. The crowdfunding takes place in Indiegogo; link.

The details of the story for Iron Sky sequel are still to be disclosed, and the team is keeping a tight lid on the production so far. The original writing team is currently laying out the beats of the story.

Iron Sky sequel will be shot earliest in 2015. “We are not in a hurry, we want to make this one the best, most amazing science fiction film out there,” Vuorensola adds.

“Because of the nature of the film, we want to start early enough building the community and funding the film,” producer Kaukomaa says. “We aim to redefine the possibilities of crowdfunding as an effort for distribution model against piracy and believe that our experience, fanbase and concept can carry us all the way there.”

The first phase of IRON SKY THE COMING RACE crowdfunding launches today, with a rather politically incorrect plea video, as seen here:

The first promo poster, with the Vril Symbol:

(Artwork by Timo Vuorensola and Bastien Grivet)

The first Director’s Update, from Cannes Film Festival:

A Thank You -postcard with the reveal of the tagline of the film (“From the Ashes of Mankind, a New Breed of Superiority Shall Arise”).

Artwork by Bastien Grivet

And the full artwork looks like this:

Artwork by Bastien Grivet

The second Director’s Update, from New York:

The second press release, launching Udo Kier and Stephanie Paul’s involvement:


Production eyeing to raise 100k in the first phase crowd funding.

The film makers of science fiction action comedy Iron Sky, released 2012 in Berlin Film Festival and followed by a worldwide success, are now working on the sequel. The first casting news promise the return of Udo Kier (who played the Moon Führer) and Stephanie Paul (who played the President of the United States).

Both actors have released their own campaign videos in support of Iron Sky sequel.

Paul’s video here:

Kier’s video here:

Although not much of the story has been released, the first visual released online hints of the storyline related to the Hollow Earth mythology.

See the visual here:

The music for the film will be composed by a legendary Slovenian music group Laibach, who also composed the soundtrack for the first Iron Sky.

The film production is still in early stages, and filmmakers are now raising money to produce the script and first promo of the film, using IndieGoGo –platform. The campaign has so far raised almost $90000 and remaining days hope to get the funding up to $100000.

The complete budget of the film including viral communication is estimated to be somewhere around $15 million, with production starting earliest 2015.

And here’s the awesome campaign plea video “A Message from the President of United States to North Korea” from Madame President, Stephanie Paul:

And Wolfgang Kortzfleisch’s plea, by Udo Kier himself!

And then comes the third Director’s Update, this time from Croatia (or Center of the Earth, if you please):

To celebrate the 10 days extension by IndieGoGo, we released this campaign poster:

We are now at $130000, with under $20k to go, and full six days to make it work. Head over to our IndieGoGo campaign and share the link – your continuing support is the key to the success of the campaign.

Thank you so much for these 50 days, we are at the very last leg of this long journey and are about to reach our goal, of which we have you – and *only* you – to thank for.

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