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September 7th, 2011 by pollula

As some of you know, I’ve been working as the head of our social media team quite some time now and that job includes development of Iron Sky transmedia products as well. Such as Iron Sky comic book, boardgame and many more. In the meantime of all that I’ve been producing an interesting 35-minute short [...]

Let’s invade the Museums of Modern Art

April 28th, 2011 by pollula

Helsinki Art Museum contacted us because they want to reinvent the whole museum experience and what would be the better way to do that than building Iron Sky exhibition in collaboration with the fans of Iron Sky! What should we do except showing concept art and movie props or costumes? The show needs to be [...]

The Flying discs attack! Learn how to defend yourself with the Iron Sky Frisbee.

April 27th, 2011 by pollula

The flying discs are here! And they have come for sun, beaches and bikini-clad ladies! The Iron Sky flying disc is a frisbee with Walkür print on top. It’s perfect for playing catch with your dog (remember to yell “schweinhund!” every time the mutt catches the disc!) and all the other disc sports. Also fun [...]

The Cosmonaut: Preparing for liftoff

April 26th, 2011 by pollula

Our friends from Spain sent us two all exclusive photos from their pre-production / pre-shootings and of course we want to share these with you. Here you go. This first one is a frame of an actual scene of the movie. It’s the main character in front of Gagarin’s Statue in actual Star City in [...]