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Yes, games are art. And thus part of free speech. Deal with it.

Star Wreck RPG back in stock!

February 13th, 2009 by Antti Hukkanen

rpg.jpgAs a result of some recent returns from retailers, the Star Wreck Roleplaying Game is again available from the Wreckstore. Undoubtedly the best commercial roleplaying game ever thrown together in two months, it works both as a parody of Star Trek and SF RPGs, as well as – gasp! – an enjoyable comedy RPG in its own right. The printer-friendly (unillustrated) version is available for free on the game’s website, in case you feel the need for further proof of its awesomeness. But it doesn’t do to delay: we’re aware of no other physical copies still lingering anywhere else except maybe eBay, and aren’t considering printing any.

P.S. I talked with a nice fellow at this year’s Tracon event last weekend, and he mentioned that a RPG based on the side-splitting Tolkien parody Bored of the Rings had game mechanics similar to ours. I was not even aware such a game existed (I can’t speak for Mike, but I seem to recall that the Inability system was my idea initially), and could not find any references with a quick online search. If there’s anyone out there who can comment on this, please do!

Epic fail: Gears of War publisher violates customers with a steamroller.

January 30th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

Gears of War designer CliffyB demonstrates Epic customer service.

Gears of War designer CliffyB demonstrates Epic customer service.

You might have already heard the news about the pc version of Gears of War. However stupidity of this magnitude deserves every bit of bad publicity it can get.

All legally bought copies of PC’s Gears of War stopped working today. This is because a certificate that the copy protection system uses expired. Now those who have bought the game are unable to play it until the publisher releases a patch – however everyone who has illegally downloaded the game can still play, because the DRM system is cracked in the pirated version.

This is just completely unacceptable. People who support DRM want digital products to have the kind of security physical products have, but they obiously aren’t bothered to carry the same responsibilities that sellers of physical goods have.

Imagine you buy a new coffeemaker – for couple of months you happily make your morning coffees and one morning it just refuses to turn on. You take it back to the shop and want a working one. “Well, sorry”, the clerk says “the anti-theft mechanism was accidentlly triggered in all the coffee makers. We can’t replace it, but just take it home and somebody will come and fix it sometime”. Now that wouldn’t happen would it? When you buy something you expect that the seller doesn’t turn it off in a couple of months because it might have been stolen. You would take it back and if all the other coffee makers were broken as well they’d have no option to give you your money back. And I would bet you’d never buy that brand of coffee maker again.

So in pretty much any other field of commerce a seller that screws it’s customers over this bad would suffer huge losses and go out of business. However you can do this with computer software and just expect the people to take it and buy the sequel too.

And some people want DRM to be applied for movies as well. Soon you might be in the situation that if you want to pay for a movie you can’t expect to actually watch it. You get the license to watch it if the DRM system works, if the publisher doesn’t go out of business and if they don’t think there were more than two people in the living room watching it.

The bottom line:This is just is stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, oh it hurts, stupid, stupid, please make the stupid stop, stupid, stupid, stupid. And did I mention this is stupid?

Max Payne movie teaser trailer.

July 10th, 2008 by Jarmo Puskala

Mark Wahlberg goes bullettime in the Max Payne movie
Marky Mark in bullet time

The teaser for the upcoming Max Payne movie is out. It seems to be so fresh I can’t even find it on YouTube yet, so go to Shacknews to watch the video. (Or for better quality)

Ragna Rock is back in the Max Payne movie
The Ragna Rock Club or does it actually look like they’ve changed the name?

Definetly looks like the Max Payne I remember. Constant snowfall, leather jackets and even the Ragna Rock club (easily my favourite part of the first game).

As much fun it would be to trash casting Marky Mark as Max I really can’t. Three Kings, The Italian Job and The Shooter are all good and I’m completely addicted to Entourage he’s producing. So whatever crimes against humanity Wahlberg might have committed in his youth he’s done good in the later days.

Valkyries in the Max Payne movie?
Lasten Mehuhetki päättyi ikävästi…

The question is, what the hell is happening in the frame above? Looks like a dark angel ripping a guy trough a window. Don’t remember that one… But it does look pretty damn cool anyways.

Edit: Found the YouTube version via Kotaku:

Edit 2: There’s a better quality version at And yeah, the winged people. Valkyries maybe? Could have something to do with the drug Valkyr.


June 5th, 2008 by Antti Hukkanen

Arttu, a swell guy who helped with the editing of the Iron Sky demo/teaser, is a really active fellow. Now he’s been involved in the design of an intriguing online game called Swell. Well, maybe calling it an online game gives the wrong impression. The designers themselves call it a “web riddle”.

Swell is a collection of clues – mostly visual ones – making up a set of “levels”. The goal is to discover the way to the next level until the end is reached. (I’m told there is an end, but it’s not easy to reach, and anyway the game is expanding.) Advancement generally happens by figuring out the URL of the next level, or finding a link and thinking of a password. There’s a social aspect, in that there’s an IRC channel dedicated to discussing Swell.

While it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, Swell is pretty much guaranteed to hold your interest if you’re into puzzles and brain games. Personally, I fell for the Finnish geocaching/riddle game “Tajunnanvirta” (a version of Igor Naverniouk’s Funny Farm) some time ago, so if you like those, you might get a kick out of Swell as well. If not, well, you should try everything once. It seems that something… familiar can be found later on…

The address where Swell resides is