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The Truth Today – Issue 2/2018

May 19th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

Here’s the pdf version of the second issue of The Truth Today distributed in dead tree form at the Cannes Film Festival.

In case you’re wondering, The Truth Today is satirical newspaper from the year 2018, created by us and the Wreckamovie community to promote Iron Sky.

Motion Poster & New Artwork Released!

May 13th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

We just released a motion poster for Iron Sky! And it does look pretty freaking sweet.

Check out the High quality version of the motion poster on the Iron Sky website!

In addition we released new artwork, including a new teaser poster and pictures of the main cast in character! I’ll tell you more about the casting in a second when we get the press release out. Meanwhile enjoy the pictures.

Julia Dietze as Renate Richter

Julia Dietze as Renate Richter

Götz Otto as Klaus Adler

Götz Otto as Klaus Adler

Iron Sky teaser poster

Iron Sky teaser poster

You can find more concept art on the propaganda page.

Cool film projects: I’ve got bad news and good news…

May 7th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

Let’s star with the good news:

Thanks to Twitter I came across this upcoming web serial called The Mercury Men. It’s not the first pulp scifi series on the internets, but judging by the trailer it’s the most promising. Scary glowing men shooting lightning from their hands, ray guns and scientists, what could go wrong? However what I found most promising was the actor playing the scientist, he has the perfect face for the role.

There have been rumors of Peter Jackson and Nazi zombies and Stephen Fry as a guest on Simon Mayo‘s radio program last weekend claimed the following:

Fran [Walsh], who is PJ’s wife and writes with him, they’ve come up with this idea called The Christ Must Die in which Nazi zombies go back in time to stop Jesus from being born.

Slashfilm has some more info, including official denial from Jackson’s manager. However no-one seems to be certain if it’s a joke or a real project. Let’s keep thumbs up for the latter. Also, to increase the coolness the hosts commented that the film reminds them of this film called Iron Sky.

Peter Jackson is also producing the above South-African feature District 9 that is based on a short film made famous on YouTube. To oversimplify, the idea is “Apartheid with aliens”. The short film was inspiring on it’s own and the feature is pretty much unmissable.

Unfortunately universe has balanced all this awesomeness out with bad news from two other Nazi zombie projects. Both Finnish led WWII zombie film Stone’s War and Dutch nazi zombie flick Worst Case Scenario are in a limbo.

Worst Case Scenario is/was the Dutch flick with the teaser showing ballooning nazi zombies. According to Twitch the film is pretty much dead in the water right now.

due to “productional stalemate” the film is again very much locked in development hell. Apparently there is a Catch-22 in there somewhere, with several parties waiting for each other to proceed and there is no obvious way out in the foreseeable future.

The situation with Stone’s War is even more confusing. Stone’s War is the zombies in WWII movie from the Finnish director Marko Mäkilaakso. The film has been in a literal developement hell for years with the first attempt at filming it being shut down because ofmoney trouble – causing them to loose not only all the filmed material but also the rights to the original title War of the Dead.

We talked to the director last year at Assembly and at that time it seemed the film was almost complete and should come out during 2008. However something went wrong and the film vanished.

According to what little info there has leaked from a blog at Suomen Kuvalehti and Yle news, the film is supposed to be ready. However it seems the film’s Lithuanian producer Ramunas Skikas is sitting on the release. Press hasn’t been able to get a comment from him and the distributors are being told that they’ll get their copies soon. While Hollywood studios sometimes sit on finished films there are very few producers in Europe who could afford to do that for long – if the film has been made and paid for they need the get the investment back.

Nobody seems to know what’s going on, but a safe bet would have it having something to do with money being owed by someone to someone else. Let’s hope the film sees the light of day soon. Meanwhile director Mäkilaakso is apparently working on his next film with Stan Lee.

Not to end with a downer one more bit of good news for Finnish horror:

Skeleton Crew, the horror project by our collegues from the neighboring city of Ylöjärvi will come out on DVD in the US on 21st of June. We saw a short reel last year, but have yet to see the whole film. However there are already some reviews online; one, two, three.

Would love to get a look at the finished film soon. We shot the music video for Hour of Emptiness at the same abandoned mental hospital last year, and actually with a lot of the same crew as the film.

Edit: The great guys from @empiremagazine were awesome enough to ask Peter Jackson about the Nazis vs. Jesus film in a recent interview. Unfortunately it looks like it’s not happening.

Star Trek (2009)

April 29th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

The new Enterprise

I just came back from a pre-screening for JJ Abrams‘s Star Trek. The following review will try and be as spoiler free as possible.

You should know – and you probably should guess it from the site you’re on, I’m a Star Trek fan. I used to be a huge fan and could pretty much list all TNG episodes by name in high school. These days I’ve grown older, spent seven years working on this Star Trek parody, and to the horror of my 12-year-old self, became more or less bored of the later shows starting from Voyager. I’d think eventually even my younger self would understand this, if not because the mediocrity of Enterprise, but with the last film in the series, Star Trek: Nemesis being a piece of radioactive fecal matter that should be hurled into the sun. So now you know from what point I judge this film.

So, how about the film? Simply put, it’s good. If you don’t really care for Star Trek it’s going to be as good as any scifi actioner and definitely worth a try.

Abrams does a great job with the characters, actually he does a far better job at re-creating the original characters of Kirk, Spock and McCoy than I expected. Most of all Zachary Quinto’s Spock. He’s been described as having been born to play Spock and yes, he really is that good. Karl Urban as McCoy tries hard to steal every scene he is in, but ends up being kind of underused. The weakest link here is Kirk. The three main characters work together, but left on his own Kirk is a bit bland.

The rest of the crew are pretty underused, Chekov is kind of annoying, Sulu is just like in the original and Uhura has been re-invented as a woman I think everyone always imagined her being – given that all she really did was answer the telephone. The exception here is Simon Pegg as Scotty who goes on and does steal every scene he is in. Then again I couldn’t bring myself to say a bad word about the man unless he punched me in the face and pissed in both of my shoes.

If Finland had any more Trekkers I’d be burned at the stake for saying this, but in many points this re-invented crew of the Enterprise were far more interesting characters than the 60′s originals. In reality though it’s not that big of a suprise if you compare the writing in 60′s tv series to the writing we see these days – it’s not that writers have gotten better, but the industry has changed.

Star Trek teaser.

The next thing to notice are the visuals. Let’s get this one out of the way first: The lens flares are ridiculous. They actually kind of work at times, but then they can also be annoying at times. The effects are great, there’s no way around it. And they really manage to avoid the sterile cgi look most of the time. However the designs are where it all gets a bit mixed, really.

There are many things in this movie that look just like what I’d do. There is the drydock scene seen in the trailer. People who only see Star Wreck after seeing this film will think we just did a cheap ripoff of it. It’s actually rather strange experience that scene, since it’s almost perfect in the way that it’s just what I’d do. Then there are the engineering decks of the ships that once again seem to channel what I was kind of thinking Star Wreck should have had – however we never had the resources to show any engineering decks. But then there is the bridge that is… strange. It’s unique allright, but it’s a bit hard to take seriously with it’s decorative walls and bling bling levers. The dissonance continues with the clothes that go from okay to looking like disposable raincoats.

At this point I’m starting to realise that this is not a very traditional film review. Instead I feel more like going trough a raw cut of Star Wreck. Please excuse me, since seven years and all that… However I’m not the only one who will review the film like this. Us Star Trek fans tend to feel a bit possessive of the franchise.

But back to the film. So the characters are great, visuals are good and the film is very entertaining. However one thing that’s lacking is the story. I wouldn’t call it bad, but it’s both a bit complicated and rather empty. It won’t bore you and if you get confused you most likely won’t care. There is a lot of humor, even so much that sometimes the film feels like a comedy, but there is not much in the way of other feelings. It’s a lighthearted romp trough space. It’s all fine if you consider this is a beginning of a series. As a singular film I would like to have some more meat to sink my teeth into. Another thing I was a bit disappointed of (and I know this is something that will divide opinions like a lightsaber) is that in the end this film wasn’t as much of a clean reboot as I hoped. And certainly not as clean of a reboot I would have done.

Overall I liked the film. Not only did I like to watch it, but I liked it even on the level of agreeing with most of the choices Abrams and co. did. And while it wasn’t a cinematic masterpiece that just leaves me wanting to see the series go on. Origin stories are the hardest and if Star Trek can deliver The Dark Knight to this film’s Batman Begins I will be not only a happy trekkie, but a happy film geek.