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Iron Sky will premiere next month at the Berlinale!

January 25th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

Iron Sky is complete and will have its world premiere this February at the Berlin International Film Festival! Iron Sky is part of the official selection in the Panorama section, which screens films that push the envelope with unique vision.

What this means is that after six years of hard work Iron Sky will premiere at one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. We couldn’t be happier!

All in all there will be six screenings during the festival between 11th and 19th of February. For more information where to book tickets see our website. In addition we’re holding a party after the premiere screening with the cast & crew. The festival ticket office opens next month, but for the premiere screening and the party we have had a limited number of tickets available from the Iron Sky Store.

See you in Berlin!

Edit: And we’re sold out on our store. Didn’t take long. We try and organize more tickets but can’t promise anything.

Iron Sky on Tour!

January 11th, 2012 by Jori

English summary: The Iron Sky main assault will launch in 83 days! Before the H-hour, Timo and Tero will scout ahead – the Iron Sky on Tour road trip takes our heroes thru Finland, pre-screening Iron Sky in almost 20 cities in Finland. Exciting times ahead!

Iron Skyn ensi-iltaan on vajaat kolme kuukautta! Ennen kuin kuunatsit käynnistävät maailmanvalloitusoperaationsa, lähtevät Tero ja Timo pienelle road tripille.

13.3.-3.4. pidettävä Iron Sky on Tour -kiertue vie sankarimme road trip -hengessä halki Suomen, esittämässä uunituoreesta spektaakkelista ennakkonäytöksiä liki 20 kaupungissa. Jokaiseen esitykseen kuuluu leffan lisäksi myös noin 45 minuutin pituinen keskustelutilaisuus, jossa Tero ja Timo vastaavat kysymyksiin itsenäisesti toteutetun elokuvan kehitys- ja tuotantovaiheista.? Lippujen hintaan sisältyy itse elokuvan ja sen jälkeen pidettävän keskustelutilaisuuden lisäksi signeerattu Iron Sky -juliste sekä vain kiertueella jaettava Iron Sky on Tour T-paita.

Iron Sky on Tour -kiertueen kaupungit, ennakkonäytäntöjen päivämäärät sekä arvioidut esitysajat löytyvät kiertueen omalta sivulta.

Yksittäispaikkojen lisäksi oppilaitoksilla, kouluilla ja yrityksillä on mahdollisuus varata itselleen kokonaisia yksityisnäytöksiä.

Lue lisää kiertueen sivuilla.

Do you want to be a Moon Nazi soldier in Iron Sky? You still have a chance!

November 21st, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

We’ve just finished the edit of Iron Sky, and the film is looking darn good! We’re still going to be shooting one more day for some background characters for several large shots, and need few fan extras to join us in Helsinki on Wednesday, 23.11. from 09:00 onward. What we need is:

* Average-bodied male, a bit sporty would be preferable
* 170-175 cm
* Blonde, short, straight hair.

If you are interested, send an email with your info to with your headshot.

We won’t be able to pay you, but we’ll feed you :)

147 Days To Go: Iron Sky According To Udo Kier

November 9th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

I traveled from Melbourne to Los Angeles, which was quite a heavy trip indeed. Riding with Air China Southern first from Melbourne to China (9,5h), and from there to LA (13h), including 3,5h stopover and 3 hours in immigration… Arriving to our joint I felt like I was driven over by a panzerwagon… Anyway, now that I’m here, I’ve been recovering from the time difference, had some meetings and has been doing ADR with Udo Kier. Udo was also kind enough to invite me over to the premiere of Melancholia, a film which I absolutely adored and was completely blown off by it’s excellency, and I even got to meet quickly with lovely Kirsten Dunst <3

Here's one quite a hefty Director's Diary from my great day doing ADR with Udo, where he shares his own view on the story of Iron Sky, and even comes up with quite a good opening for the sequel!

This episode music was provided by a great goth synth pop band from Sweden called Trocadero Strike Force - and they have shared their EP – awesomely named as “Awesome In A Box” – for free on their website. Check them out here!

Also, special thanks to Janne Tamminen for helping me out with the kamerawerks.