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Hubaa Radio Millenniumissa – armottoman tehokasta!

November 6th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

(This post is in Finnish and it’s about sketch comedy segments we produced with our friends from the sketch comedy troupe Huba. They’re running on TV right now.)

Tiesittekö, että 95% hammasbakteereista esiintyy suussa? Entäs sen, että uudet Huba-sketsit ovat pyörineet TV2:n sunnuntai-illassa jo useamman viikon?

Energia on Huban kavereiden kanssa tuottanut joukon sketsejä TV2:n Radio Millennium -ohjelmaan. Jaksot tulevat ulos sunnuntaisin 23.20 ja uusitaan myöhään tiistaina. Huba-sketsejä nähdään yleensä yksi tai kaksi ohjelman “mainoskatkolla”, jossa tulee myös muiden tuottamia sketsejä. Sekoittamisen vaaraa ei pitäisi olla, Huban sketsit kun tuppaavat erottumaan.

Ja koska elämme tulevaisuudessa, niin sketsit löytyvät myös YleX:n sivuilta:
Korvaako koulutus kaiken?
Piilokameran parhaat
Oral Attack

Käykääpä katsomassa.

Gettin’ busy.

June 10th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola


After Cannes, things have been moving on with quite a pace. We were able to close most of the funding for Iron Sky at Cannes, so it means that we now actually have a schedule and we really need to start pushing to get things done!

In short, the schedule dictates that Iron Sky will be shot in January 2010, and the film will be finished (not out, though) in January 2011. It’s still a rough estimate, but the best we have for now.

For CGI, here’s how we’re planning to do: we shook hands with a London-based post production house Molinaire. We’ll fly Samuli and his team to London, to Molinaire, to work on the Iron Sky‘s special effects once the time is right. This way, we’ll be able to take all the advantage of Samuli and his world class skilled team, without having to worry about building the infrastructure and renderyards to Tampere, and get to work with one of the best CGI people out there.

Right now I’m most worried about finding the locations we need to shoot Iron Sky. We’re planning to utilize an old and abandoned US Army military area located close to Frankfurt for the studio – they have a huge old sport hall that could suit our needs quite well, and possibly some quite interesting other locations as well.

We had an alternative to this place – an old Nazi-era military bunker also close to Frankfurt. The only problem was that there was too much of sheep and TNT in the area. Yeah, sheep and TNT. I can’t get the image out of my head, us shooting scenes on the Moon in the front yard of the bunker, being forced to stop shooting every now and then because a sheep explodes. KABOOM. Sounds quite Pythoneqsue.

Oh, one thing more! I’m not sure if we already wrote about it here, but we’ve moved! The Iron Sky office and Star Wreck Store hauled it’s (quite fat) ass to the other side of the Tampere center, to Hämeenkatu, where we teamed up with Restate, a brand new digital content developer company led by Erik Lydén. As always, the Star Wreck Store is open for visitors, so if you want to take a peek at the Iron Sky production, why not stop by at Hämeenkatu 30 B 1a.

One last thing – I need some of your suggestions for reference films that I should watch. I’ve set up a task where I describe a bit more, just go to Wreckamovie and check it out.

BTW, if there’s any Spotify users out there, I’ve created a collaborative Iron Sky playlist for Spotify, where I’m dragging every now and then some music I think somehow fits the mood of Iron Sky. If you have any ideas, you can put some songs there as well – just open this link to Spotify and start playlisting.

I can’t seem to end this post… But here goes – I also spotted that we have now our own Iron Sky entry on IMDB´- and the good ol’ Wikipedia entry still exists.

Cannes Dailies’09 – Episodes for May 15th.

May 15th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

The Cannes team has been fighting with the French internet for two days now, but the good news is they got it up and running long enough to post the first four videos of this year Cannes Dailies.

As usual it all starts with massive amounts of fail with missing stuff, missing Up and being stuck in Dusseldorf. However by episode four we’ve reached epic win with some great news about the funding of Iron Sky.

There are more to come, so keep watching our channel on YouTube.

Episode 1 – Stuck in Dusseldorf

Episode 2 – At the Cannes Office

Episode 3 – What’s Up, Doc?

Episode 4 – Money Makes the World Go Round…

Project WORM – creators of Star Wreck and Iron Sky launch new production

May 4th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola

Modified from the picture “Circles of Hell” by Oranse

Modified from a photo by Oranse. License: CC by-sa

Energia, the creators of Star Wreck and Iron Sky, today publicly launched their latest project, a new web video series about cyber crime. The production was launched on Wreckamovie, the collaborative movie making community and as it’s first task the Wreckamovie community came up with a working name for the new production: Project WORM.

Project WORM will be directed by Timo Vuorensola, director of “Star Wreck – in the Pirkinning”, and it will be created by the Wreckamovie community, making it one of the first crowdsourced internet video series. Just like “Star Wreck – In the Pirkinning”, Project WORM will be distributed for free on the internet.

“The Star Wreck experience showed us that free distribution and working closely with the community is the way to go. Since we released Star Wreck for free we have seen over 8 million downloads making it the most downloaded Finnish movie of all time. With Project WORM our ambition is to reach a much bigger audience as we are creating a truly global production from day one.”

Crime on the internet is a growing problem and spam, botnets, viruses, worms, and Nigerian letters are affecting millions of people online every day. “I have been long fascinated by the scams like the Nigerian letters offering tens of millions in return for doing next to nothing. What kind of people hide behind these? And what are these botnets that we hear about all the time nowadays that are taking over our computers? Who is operating these botnets and for what purpose?”

Photo by Oranse. License: CC by-sa

Project WORM will be a fictional web video series, but our intent is to work very closely with industry experts and the Wreckamovie community to make the stories feel very real and realistic. And we believe that there are so many untold cyber crime stories out there that are just waiting to be told as part of Project WORM.

The great new is that now anybody out there on the internet can join the production on Wreckamovie and work together to create a new and unique web video series.

The initial production plan includes the creation of six episodes, all shot in different locations around the world, working very closely with the local communities through the global Wreckamovie service.

Join the production today at!