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A big happy family.

September 7th, 2007 by Antti Hukkanen

Here’s another little story from Wreck-land.

My girlfriend works at a local theatre, which also happens to share the building with a pub. Yesterday, she was out on the pub’s terrace, doing whatever it is that stage managers do every day, when she was approached by a young man in his late teens. “Do you know how late their store’s open?” he asked her. Unsurprisingly, she was rather nonplussed. It was only when the young man started excitedly pointing at her chest that she realised she had worn a raven T-shirt to work. (He was wearing one, as well.) The young man was talking about the Star Wreck Store! She told him it’s probably till five PM (correct), but recommended him to check it on our website. (As an aside, that information wouldn’t have been there for him to find yesterday; I just added it. Whoops!)

The moral of the story: us Wreckies are all one big happy family. If you see anyone wearing the raven logo anywhere, go up to them to chat about our stuff. Heck, while you’re at it, give ‘em a hug for good measure. Just don’t count on them knowing every little detail about our operations – even if this happens in Tampere.

Caligula re-incarnated as Fukov.

September 6th, 2007 by Jarmo Puskala

Caligula re-incarnated as Fukov.

Star Wreck merchandise looks good on anyone! In this picture we stole from IRC-Galleria, Ashura is wearing one of the last copies of the rare CPP Potkustart caps and her horse is wearing the always stylish CPP Kalinka cap.

The Potkustart caps are sold out, but we still have some Kalinka ones in stock, so get one today for your horse! Or buy one for your significant other (if you’re that unlucky).

And now, something completely different.

August 28th, 2007 by Antti Hukkanen

The other day, I was sorting out the day’s orders from the Wreckstore when I came upon an order from California. It consisted of one NTSC encoded (American standard) DVD and one PAL encoded (European standard) one. Curious, and in the interests of better customer relations, I contacted the guy and asked if this was what he wanted. Well, it wasn’t, so we were both glad I did; but that was beside the point, as it turned out when he told me how he came across our film. It seems there is a small Public Access cable TV station operating where he lives, and it showed In the Pirkinning one night. He had tuned in in the middle, and since there was no programming information and no station breaks, the guy had no idea what on Earth he was watching… or what language the characters were speaking. (His guess was Russian.)

So he called a friend (who was presumably knowledgeable about things filmographic), described what he’d just seen, and asked if the friend could enlighten him. Here I have to quote the viewer: “He was sure that either I was crazy or I had fallen asleep and had dreamed the whole thing up.”

Luckily, our hero wasn’t convinced, and some Googling later, had found our website. The moral of the story: if you see something that’s so out of this world your friends think you’re nuts, investigate the matter to find out the truth rather than accepting the obvious conclusion and checking in at an asylum.

Star Wreck Roleplaying Game released for free!

August 15th, 2007 by Timo Vuorensola

rpg.jpgTo celebrate the first year of Mike Pohjola‘s Star Wreck Roleplaying Game, we have decided to do what we promised would happen someday. In last year’s Ropecon we released the groundbreaking Finnish roleplaying game, the first one made out of a Finnish film ever, and one of the very few that was made directly to English language.

Star Wreck Roleplaying Game has won Kenneth Hite’s ‘Outie’ -award, and has been celebrated for being a very fun, easy-to-use and flexible roleplaying game, that works as well for non-experienced soon-to-be-roleplayers, as well as for experienced players looking for a change to run a ridicilously fun scifi-game.

The game is now being released for free on our webpage, under CC Attribute-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, meaning you can (and should!) distribute it to your friends, as long as you don’t start selling it.

Also, the original print-version of the game has *almost* ran out of prints, we still have ~3 copies left, and this version of the game will *not be reprinted again*, so if you want this collector’s item, you should drop your order now! If we run out of print, Fantasiapelit might have few copies still left as well.

On our Forum we have a discussion area designated for the RPG, where there are also some new stuff too.

And be sure to check out the author Mike Pohjola’s next game released couple of days ago in Ropecon, called Tähti (in Finnish only). It’s a great game, set in near future, where you can play a girlband – and not just any girlband, but a Maoist mutant girlband!