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Iron Sky is our upcoming film. A science fiction comedy about nazis on the Moon.

Next, we’re going hunting Hitler!

May 28th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

While Iron Sky is still very much coming out in all corners of the world, it’s also time to take a little look into the future. Blind Spot Pictures has released its’ future plans, and this is what the slate of upcoming releases looks like!

First and foremost, the leading production we’re jumping into is a time travel action film I Killed Adolf Hitler, which tells a story of a hitman couple sent back in time to assassinate – you guessed it! – Adolf Hitler! The script landed on my lap already quite a long time ago, and unlike many of the scripts that I’ve had the privilege to read, this one was simply terrific. It uses the scifi element of time travel in a very innovative manner, and I got excited about the idea to create the most realistic Hitler in film history, to create him as a full-CG face reconstruction. The story is a great, action-packed drama with bunch of deadpan comedy moments, but underneath it all it produces an epic love story which was the thing I really fell in for with the film.

I Killed Adolf Hitler is a story written by a US writer DC Walker, based on Norwegian comic book artist Jason‘s Eisner-award winning comic book with the same name. Blind Spot has taken the lead in the production, and it’s a co-production between UK (Studio Eight Productions), Finland (well, us) and Germany (Niama Film). We’re looking at a budget that’s a bit bigger than with Iron Sky.

To be honest, I had no intention to do another Nazi-topic film as the one right after Iron Sky, but hell, you rarely get a script that good, and instantly fell in love with it. Wer’re hoping to move forward with the film quite quick, since the story is already in great shape, so it won’t take another millennia to get it to theaters.

Another production we are working on is the scifi series I’ve talked about already during the Iron Sky tour, called Deus X. Discussing with Samuli and the guys, we had the realization that series format scifi is going through a very hard time at this moment, and we’ve always had a big dream to start working on a series. The idea for Deus X is quite simply a religious war in space. We haven’t really released too much about the back story, other than it’s a story on a big war that’s going on over an anomaly in space that’s believed to be the very Heaven itself. Here’s a nice little piece of concept art we created for it – again, awesome work by Jussi Lehtiniemi (the art director of Iron Sky). We’ve also set up a Facebook page where you can log on and start following for now. Bear with us, there’s not much info out there, but will follow.

Both of these productions will end up eventually to Wreckamovie as well, with a bunch of urgent tasks attached, but – again – bear with us, we are a small team and we’re just trying to lift this huge bag of massive stones on our shoulders :)

And, on the topic of Iron Sky - yes, there’s more where that came from, absolutely! We had so much fun with the Moon Nazis, that we want to make more stories on them! And the good news is that we are going to – and not just one, but two things! Iron Sky prequel and an Iron Sky sequel!

To begin with the prequel, it’s been bugging me that we were never able to tell exactly *how* did the Nazis end up on the Moon, and *what* they’ve been doing there all these 70 years. We’ve of course planned a lot of it, but to make it real and make it something really exciting, we’ve decided to begin to work with an Iron Sky prequel series that’s shedding light on these topics. It’s also introducing a bit of background for some of the characters, and will generally be one damn fun ride with the favorite villains from the Far Side.

The sequel itself is a much bigger production, and to assure you, it’s not something we came up after seeing how successful Iron Sky was, but an idea that had been there actually for quite a long time, from the early days of the script development for Iron Sky. We’re keeping a lid on this one quite tightly, but it takes place a bit after the events of Iron Sky, and will be one massive film once we get it to its feet. But with that one, we want to give it good amount of time to develop, so it won’t be hitting the theaters any time soon!

And that’s not all. AJ Annila, who made also films like Jade Warrior and Sauna, is developing the new survival thriller Human with Blind Spot – a story about a wolf that gets bitten by a human, and turns into a man. Yeah, a werewolf story in reverse! And Aku Louhimies has just wrapped shooting Finnish crime drama Never Forever, which will hit the theaters later this year.

So, a lot on our plate at the moment, and a big leap forward, but hell – that’s what we’ve been doing ever since Star Wreck, and will continue on that road. And again, to repeat – I’d loved to have all of you long-time supporters, but as well newcomers, to join the journey. There’s more Nazi – and other – arses to kick, let’s get down to business with it!

Oh, and the Energia guys are still firmly involved – they have just merged with some creepily talented professionals also from Finland and changed their name to Troll VFX. Blind Spot Pictures and Mjölk together with Samuli Torssonen teamed up to form the company and they are working on VFX on advertisements and for sure on all the above-mentioned films! Their webpage is here!

Things looking nice, summer is here, everyone’s losing their winter weariness and we’re doing great in theaters with Iron Sky!

Last chance to get your hands on the Iron Sky Collector’s Edition!

May 28th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

EDIT: And’ it’s gone. Collector’s Edition is no longer sold and next we’ll make them and send them to the lucky buyers!

Hey, everybody! The possibility to purchase Collector’s Edition of Iron Sky is closing May 29th at 12:00 AM! You still have time to get your hands on the most ultimate release of Iron Sky ever, anywhere!

To those who don’t know what I’m talking about, The Collector’s Edition is the definitive edition of Iron Sky, and a form of support for our marketing and world conquest efforts. (Almost) every penny of this release goes directly to the filmmakers and will be used for developing the future productions, including the sequel of Iron Sky!

Collector’s Edition is a limited edition BluRay & DVD release of Iron Sky, containing the film, a 1,5h documentary of the making of the film, a certificate of support and a signed thank you-letter from the filmmakers.

The price of the Collector’s Edition is 300€, with the guarantee that at least 90% of the money goes directly to the filmmakers. This money is a way to support the filmmakers.

We will manufacture only exactly as many Collector’s Editions as we have orders on May the 29th, and we guarantee we will not print any more of them, so they really are a non-renewable collector’s items.

Give it ten years and you’ll be friggin’ rich selling it to some sorry-ass collector who didn’t realize its’ potential value back in the days!

Get the Collector's Edition

Iron Sky distributor bends due to huge fan demand – extends cinema run in the UK!

May 23rd, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

We are happy to announce that finally, after a long fight, our UK distributor has agreed to change their plans, and Iron Sky will get an extended run in the cinemas.

And the thanks goes to all of you out there! You’ve made your voices heard, and your demands have been met. It’s great news for us, for Iron Sky, and especially for everyone who has been out there waiting for years for this film to reach the big screens.

More than that, this is a wonderful show of force of the people, and a great proof that having a big community backing you up makes you stronger when somebody is trying to walk over you.

Thanks again to you all, now go see Iron Sky in theaters in the UK starting 23.5., and grab a pint after that to celebrate the victory!

Iron Sky is playing in these theaters, starting today:

Prince Charles Cinema
Stratford East Picturehouse
Ritzy Brixton
Curzon Wimbledon
Hackney Picturehouse
Showcase Bluewater
Brighton, Duke of Yorks
Tyneside Newcastle
Exeter Picturehouse
Fact Liverpool
The Light, New Brighton
Showcase Newham
Showcase Dudley
Showcase Reading
Showcase Coventry
Showcase Birmingham
Electric Birmingham
Showcase Nottingham
Showcase Peterborough
Hyde Park Picturehouse, Leeds
Showcase Leeds
Showcase Walsall
Showcase Cardiff
Showcase Manchester
Manchester Cornerhouse
Showcase Stockton
Showcase Bristol De Lux
Bristol Watershed
Showcase Derby De Lux
Showcase Leicester De Lux
Showcase Liverpool
Showcase Paisley
Sheffield Showroom

Cameo Edinburgh
Belmont Aberdeen
Showcase East Glasgow
Dundee Contemporary Arts
Eden Court Inverness

QFT Belfast
Cork Triskel

Iron Sky will continue to play on these cinemas as long as there’s demand:

The Prince Charles Cinema, London
Picturehouse Stratford East
Picturehouse Belmont Aberdeen
Picturehouse Exeter
Duke of York’s, Brighton

Showcase Coventry (Evening Showings)
Showcase Glasgow East (Evening Showings)
Showcase Coventry (Evening and Late Night Showings)
Showcase Cardiff Nantgarw (Late Night screenings)
Showcase Derby De Lux (Late Night screenings)
Showcase Leicester De Lux (Late Night screenings)


Timo Vuorensola
Director of Iron Sky

Tero Kaukomaa
Producer of Iron Sky

and the rest of the Iron Sky team!

Iron Sky selling out screenings in the UK – Revolver still refusing a proper cinema release

May 20th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

You may have been following Iron Sky’s UK release “plan”, which is to put it out to cinemas for only one day, and then rush out a DVD just few days later. We are not OK with this, and we’ve been trying to make them change their minds.

Revolver said that if the one-day release of Iron Sky is successful they will extend the theatrical run:

“Revolver is still in discussion with the exhibitors about extending the cinema run. Come out on the 23rd May, show your support, make IRON SKY day a huge success and lets keep the film playing on the big screen!”

But apparently, they have no intention on doing so.

Today we got an email from a owner of a legendary Prince Charles Cinema in London, who has been trying to book more showings from Revolver for Iron Sky without success. After already having sold out three screening, mind you. Here’s what he had to say:

“We have been amazed by the interest in Iron Sky, having sold out two performances in only a few days we ended up putting a third late evening screening on due to the fact we are only allowed to show the film for one day theatrically. It’s such a shame as we feel there is huge audience out there wanting to see the film on a Cinema screen. Hopefully we will be able to change the film distributors attitude and get them to allow us to screen the film for a run in the near future.”

So, Revolver is saying one thing and doing another. When confronted with this matter, they kept on claiming that if there is enough demand, they’ll keep the movie in the theaters for a longer time, but given the comments we’ve been hearing from theaters, they have no intention on doing so.

Because Revolver is not doing their job, we need to find another way. For this, it would be ideal to know directly the demand from the theaters. So, here’s a new assignment for those who want to help: contact your local film theater and ask them to extend the cinema release from Revolver, and if Revolver refuses, we would be happy to be informed of that.

The whole ridiculousness of the situation is making waves across the Internet. We’ve been following as thousands of tweets and comments on Twitter and Facebook are demanding Revolver to change their plans. Even UK’s leading film critic Mark Kermode from BBC has been wondering the situation:

“I’m astonished that in a world where Piranha 3DD was released on several screens around the country and everybody can go out and see it, Iron Sky is going to be released for one day and go straight to BluRay and DVD — it deserves more than that!”

Revolver, if you want anyone to believe you actually support our film, now is the time to step up and let the theaters who want to run Iron Sky longer than one day do so!