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Iron Sky distributor bends due to huge fan demand – extends cinema run in the UK!

May 23rd, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

We are happy to announce that finally, after a long fight, our UK distributor has agreed to change their plans, and Iron Sky will get an extended run in the cinemas.

And the thanks goes to all of you out there! You’ve made your voices heard, and your demands have been met. It’s great news for us, for Iron Sky, and especially for everyone who has been out there waiting for years for this film to reach the big screens.

More than that, this is a wonderful show of force of the people, and a great proof that having a big community backing you up makes you stronger when somebody is trying to walk over you.

Thanks again to you all, now go see Iron Sky in theaters in the UK starting 23.5., and grab a pint after that to celebrate the victory!

Iron Sky is playing in these theaters, starting today:

Prince Charles Cinema
Stratford East Picturehouse
Ritzy Brixton
Curzon Wimbledon
Hackney Picturehouse
Showcase Bluewater
Brighton, Duke of Yorks
Tyneside Newcastle
Exeter Picturehouse
Fact Liverpool
The Light, New Brighton
Showcase Newham
Showcase Dudley
Showcase Reading
Showcase Coventry
Showcase Birmingham
Electric Birmingham
Showcase Nottingham
Showcase Peterborough
Hyde Park Picturehouse, Leeds
Showcase Leeds
Showcase Walsall
Showcase Cardiff
Showcase Manchester
Manchester Cornerhouse
Showcase Stockton
Showcase Bristol De Lux
Bristol Watershed
Showcase Derby De Lux
Showcase Leicester De Lux
Showcase Liverpool
Showcase Paisley
Sheffield Showroom

Cameo Edinburgh
Belmont Aberdeen
Showcase East Glasgow
Dundee Contemporary Arts
Eden Court Inverness

QFT Belfast
Cork Triskel

Iron Sky will continue to play on these cinemas as long as there’s demand:

The Prince Charles Cinema, London
Picturehouse Stratford East
Picturehouse Belmont Aberdeen
Picturehouse Exeter
Duke of York’s, Brighton

Showcase Coventry (Evening Showings)
Showcase Glasgow East (Evening Showings)
Showcase Coventry (Evening and Late Night Showings)
Showcase Cardiff Nantgarw (Late Night screenings)
Showcase Derby De Lux (Late Night screenings)
Showcase Leicester De Lux (Late Night screenings)


Timo Vuorensola
Director of Iron Sky

Tero Kaukomaa
Producer of Iron Sky

and the rest of the Iron Sky team!

Iron Sky team does not approve the UK release strategy

May 16th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

As some of you may already know, our UK distributor Revolver Entertainment decided to release Iron Sky for just one day in cinemas in the United Kingdom, and then never again. The film has been opening all across Europe during the last six weeks, with excellent results (nearly 850 000 cinema admissions so far!), but Revolver refuses to give it a proper run in
UK theaters. What they are doing is basically stabbing us in the back.

Revolver misled us by assuring us a proper cinema release during the production, but came out suddenly and last minute with their new plan, the one-day-only release, and refused to listen to our arguments against it.

We even asked our fans to contact Revolver and let them know what they think of the plan, they received thousands of comments in just few days from people who want to see Iron Sky but even that wasn’t enough for them to change their plans.

The fact that they are releasing Iron Sky for just one day (in the middle of the week) shows a great disrespect for us, the filmmakers, who have been slaving to make this film as cinematic – with big special effects, sounds and great action – as possible. It’s also a major middle finger to the fans, followers and investors who have been following the production for years and now suddenly have only few hours to run to the theater, and then enjoy their quickly rushed DVD and Blu-Ray release. A release that will be missing all the material we’ve planned for it – documentaries, commentaries, artwork and whatever we’ve gathered during our six long years of production.

Thus, we, the filmmakers of Iron Sky, cannot support their one-day cinema release strategy and rushed DVD release.

We apologise to our fans for our bad judgement in choosing a company like Revolver to take care of the distribution in the UK. We also want thank everyone who have so far been supporting our efforts to change Revolver’s mind by sending messages to their facebook page, their email addresses and their Twitter accounts. We are humbled to see so many of you have stepped up and you deserve our greatest thanks.

But we’re not giving up! The release date is getting close, but we will continue our efforts to get you a proper chance to see Iron Sky like it was meant to be seen – on the silver screen. And once more we ask you, our fans, friends, followers, collaborators and investors – and all your friends to do whatever you can to try to turn Revolver’s head.

Please send email, Facebook message, Tweet and even a darn post card to Revolver to let them know that you are not supporting their release strategy and demand a proper, longer cinema release period!

The Iron Sky Team:
Tero Kaukomaa, producer
Timo Vuorensola, director
Samuli Torssonen, VFX producer

Contact info for Revolver

Twitter: &
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7243 4300
Revolver Entertainment
48 & 49 Princes Place
Holland Park
London W11 4QA
United Kingdom

Kilpailu: Pukukoodina Kuunatsi!

April 3rd, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

Pukeudu ensi-iltaviikolla Iron Sky:n henkeen ja voita mehevät palkinnot!

Photo: Johanna Siring/NattogDag -

Kaikkien aikojen kotimainen scifieepos, vuosia hartaudella työstetty Iron Sky tärähtää elokuvateattereihin 4.4. ja tulevana viikonloppuna tullaan näkemään mitä mielenkiintoisinta leffaväkeä teattereiden auloja kansoittamassa. Varusteleka ja Iron Sky -tiimi kehottavatkin pääsiäisen aikana (3.4.-9.4.) elokuviin marssivan kansan pukeutumaan tilaisuuteen sen vaatimalla arvokkuudella!

Kaivakaa esiin siis kypäränne, koppalakkinne ja muut teemaan sopivat taisteluvarusteenne lähtiessänne tsekkaamaan Iron Sky, valokuvatkaa itsenne Iron Sky -leffan hengessä pukeutuneena elokuvateatterissa ja ladatkaa kuvat Facebook-sivuillemme tai linkittäkää ne tämän blogipostauksen kommentteihin!

Paras puku palkitaan 300€:n lahjakortilla Varustelekaan JA 300€:n lahjakortilla Iron Sky Storeen. Toiseksi tulleelle on tarjolla 100€:n lahjakortit, ja kolmoselle lähetetään laatikollinen Scho-Ka-Kolaa!

Valintaraati koostuu kuunatsiasiantuntijoista, joiden tiedetään arvostavan etenkin itsetuunattuja kaasunaamareita, seksikkäitä univormuja (sekä miehillä että naisilla!), mustia nahkasaappaita, mutta ennen kaikkea omaperäisyyttä!

Voittajat valitaan 10.4.

Raising our Dream Machines into the Sky

March 26th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

It is enough to have the strength
and knowledge
to raise our dream machines
into the sky

- Laibach / B-Machine

We started it in Tampere, and we’ll unleash it here as well. Iron Sky Premiere Gala in Tampere is happening today. You can follow us live on Katsomo and almost-live on YouTube. See you Under the Iron Sky.