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Iron Sky etsii leikkaajaharjoittelijaa

September 14th, 2011 by Janos Honkonen

Iron Sky etsii leikkaajaharjoittelijaa työskentelemään making of -materiaalin parissa. Harjoittelujakso kestää syyskuun loppupuolelta joulukuun loppuun ja se tapahtuu Blind Spot Picturesin tiloissa Helsingissä.

Harjoittelijan tehtäviin kuuluu raakaleikatun making of -materiaalin leikkauksen viimeisteleminen, making of -kokonaisuuksien itsenäinen kasaaminen tuottajan valvonnassa, materiaalin kuvaaminen tai kuvauksissa avustaminen, sekä osin myös jälkituotantoon liittyvät työt, kuten värimäärittely ja äänityöskentely.

Odotamme harjoittelijalta sujuvaa Final Cut Pro -ohjelmiston käyttötaitoa ja näyttöä aiemmasta leikkauskokemuksesta (kaupallinen tai harrastepohjainen).

Lähetä hakemuksesi ja portfolio osoitteeseen Kyseessä on palkaton harjoittelu, joka sopii alan opiskelijoille.

(English summary: Iron Sky is looking for a video edit trainee to work in Helsinki.)

Iron Sky is Hiring: Looking for a Coder

September 14th, 2011 by Jarmo Puskala

The Iron Sky team is looking for a talented web programmer to join the team. We don’t care if you are human, robot or a sentient cloud of superheated plasma – as long as you can handle your code and want to warn the world of the coming moon nazi invasion. Let us know who you are by emailing Jarmo at

Uncele Code wants you

You will be working with our marketing team as a web-programmer and site builder. You’ll be an essential member of the team working to create the best film website in the world. Our philosophy is to use open source solutions and existing services to take content to the people. Currently our site runs on WordPress, Videos are published trough YouTube and media tracking uses Delicious.

What we need:
Good knowledge and previous experience creating online services using PHP. Good grasp of JavaScript and CSS. Basic understanding of usability and interface design.

We appreciate experience with WordPress, integrating services and using APIs. Graphical skills (Photoshop, Flash) are a plus.

What we offer:
We offer work on a freelance basis. If you are a local student (Helsinki, Finland or willing to relocate) we would love to offer you internship leading to employment if all goes well.

What are you waiting for?
Send your CV and a tell us a bit about who you are, what you’ve done and what would you like to do in life. Contact us by email:

Updated: The Iron Sky iPad Game by Ziiso is an Unauthorized Chinese Knockoff

September 9th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

Guys, we have a small problem. Last week we noticed that a Chinese game company called Ziiso is creating an Iron Sky game for iPad, one that uses our plot line, characters, ships and even our damn tagline. This was a surprise for us, since we have in no way or form given that company any rights to the Iron Sky brand, or approved their game project. The game was published in iTunes App Store yesterday and people are starting to notice it, so here’s a warning to all the fans:

If you buy the Ziiso’s Iron Sky iPad game, the money goes to some dudes who have nothing to do with Iron Sky at all. You won’t be supporting independent cinema, you will be supporting douchebags who are riding on the coat tails of other people’s hard work. Moreover they are pretending that this is an official Iron Sky product, for example by adding the game information to our Wikipedia page, which it is not. It’s a scam. (BTW, if someone could go and correct the information about the game “Iron Sky: The Last Territory” on the WikiPedia page, we’d be grateful – Operation Highjump is valid information.)

While we warmly welcome all kinds of fan products, what we can’t stand behind is using Iron Sky in this kind of a commercial way, for making money, without even consulting us beforehand. Moreover it’s very unfortunate that these people are taking money from unsuspecting fans who think that they are helping us finance Iron Sky by buying the game.

We have made a complaint to Apple and since the are pretty draconian in their copyright policies, they will probably be pulling the game out of the store quite fast.

We are not publishing Iron Sky merchandize to increase the company shareholder value or whatever – we are publishing it to get money to make this film. For this reason this kind of IP grab frankly pisses us off.

UPDATE: Looks like the justice has prevailed. After we sent Apple a legally well formulated signed complaint according to their instructions, it took them two days to pull the game from the App Store. Thank you for all of you for your support on this issue, and thanks to Apple for acting quickly in pulling that… well, frankly, rather crappy game from circulation.

But as said, we welcome unofficial and non-commercial fan art and such projects, and if you are interested in creating a commercial video game or other product, don’t hesitate to contact us at!

CGI Friday – New Iron Sky Signal & Sneak Peek!

September 2nd, 2011 by Janos Honkonen

Hello! If you are into CGI, this will be an interesting day for you, since you will get two in depth peeks into the Iron Sky visual effects. First of all we have just released a new Iron Sky Signal, which is about the guys in Energia Productions cranking out the Iron Sky visual effects – more or less 24/7!

We have also – finally – released the next installment of Iron Sky Sneak Peek, our fan service where the subscribers will get to see how the first five minutes of Iron Sky are being made, starting from the idea and progressing month by month to the final movie. This time you’ll see the second CGI previz of the Moon sequence, where some parts of the CGI are already starting to resemble the end result. If you are not already following the Sneak Peek, now it’s a great time to start – every cent from the subscriptions goes into making the film!

Iron Sky Sneak Peek #10 – The Second CGI Previz

Thanks again for following us and for the support!