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UK edition of Star Wreck released today!

May 4th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala


Good news everyone!

The UK edition of Star Wreck has been released today! The disc includes the movie as well as all most extra goodies seen in the nordic Imperial Edition release. In addition there is the new 5.1 sound mix, a new commentary track in English and a couple of new interviews.

Star Wreck is available from all good DVD retailers and net stores. So go and get your copy from or

Jarmo talks Star Wreck – in Copenhagen

April 21st, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

Interview of yours truly from my trip to the chiptv conference held in Copenhagen earlier this year.

I obiously have a bad hair day, maybe even a bad face day, but Martin made good job on making it look like my rants actually make sense :D

What’s kind of interesting is that the interview is from Jyske Bank TV, the web tv channel of a big Danish bank. It might seem strange for a bank to have a webtv site, but in the end it’s not any stranger than all the customer magazines banks traditionally print. Also it kills far less trees.

Also, if you’re in Copenhagen try the restaurant NIMB in Tivoli and their peer poached in ale with liquorice ice cream, it’s suprisingly good.

Feature film ‘Blank’ released for free distribution!

March 22nd, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola

I think it was Star Wreck that just happened to be the first feature film ever released for free on the Internet. After that, we’ve seen such masterpieces as We Are The Strange and Four-Eyed Monsters being released on the Internet, and now it’s time for a new film to emerge for free, torrent-based distribution: Blank.

I’m quoting TorrentFreak‘s blogger enigmax, under CC-By-Sa -license:

Times are certainly changing and slowly but surely people are beginning to realize that rather than trying to fight piracy and destroy file-sharing networks, the best approach is to embrace your one-time rivals and try and create something positive.

Established in 2000 by director Rick L. Winters, Annodam Productions is an independent film company. A forward looking outfit, Annodam will premiere its latest movie Blank, worldwide today.

Blank is the story of a Johnny, a young boy who witnesses the violent death of his parents and older sister. Roll on some 20 years later and Johnny becomes involved in crime with his adoptive father – who is also a crime boss. While watching a game of poker Johnny discovers who murdered his family and sets about planning his revenge. Johnny unwittingly becomes involved with a pair of serial killers and the whole movie climaxes with a bizarre and shocking end.

While the plot may seems standard Hollywood fare, the way this movie has been financed and is set to be distributed is not – Director Rick L.Winters explains, “The thing that makes this film unique is that it is a co-op based concept where the entire cast and crew worked on a deferred percentage of the film’s gross. In other words, the cast and crew own a percentage of the film’s gross, so the profits are not going to Hollywood executives but instead into the pockets of the filmmakers themselves.”

After receiving several distribution offers for Blank, Rick turned them all down.

“I have seen firsthand the greed that lurks in the Hollywood corporate circles,” he said while explaining that after he released his first film, the cast and crew couldn’t understand why a distribution company was making all the money. So instead, Rick decided to let the audience distribute Blank for him – via BitTorrent.

“This time around the fate of the cast and crew getting paid is in the hands of the audience who watch the film. No Hollywood bank accounts being filled to turn out more crappy remakes,” he said, while adding that the future of film is “in the home market, through peer to peer distribution.”

Today, Blank is released on DVD for $14.99, via online streaming and of course, for free on BitTorrent. “No one should have to pay for a film they did not like,” says Rick. “No one should be denied the right to enjoy the art of film.”

The idea is that if people like the movie after they have seen it, they should go to the Blank website and make a donation. People are asked to donate what they feel the movie is worth, and in return will be invited to follow the production of the next movie, which they will have helped finance through their donation.

Rick told TorrentFreak, “I am excited with the aspects of peer to peer distribution and the possibilities. Giving everyone the opportunity to see my film for free in hope of receiving donations is a little nerve wrecking – wondering if I will receive enough donations to make my next film. The concept is still scary for independent filmmakers who don’t have the big budgets like the big studios and most of the time drain their personal accounts and run up credit just to get their film made, in hopes of recouping the cost of making the film.”

Several large BitTorrent sites including Mininova will be offering Blank, but undoubtedly it will spread to many others too. Rick L. Winters is also writing a book which will document the whole process so that others can use the same methods to distribute their own movies.

“I can only hope for the success of this endeavor to show the world that the revolution of peer to peer distribution can no longer be ignored and the time is now,” Rick told TorrentFreak. “I decided to try the concept of a coop base film in hopes of encouraging other independent filmmakers to come together and create and share the art of film for EVERYONE to enjoy.”

Congratulations to Rick and the crew for effectively ending the piracy of their movies and we wish them the best of luck with ‘Blank’ and all future success.

You can grab the torrent for the movie from Mininova.

Star Wreck RPG back in stock!

February 13th, 2009 by Antti Hukkanen

rpg.jpgAs a result of some recent returns from retailers, the Star Wreck Roleplaying Game is again available from the Wreckstore. Undoubtedly the best commercial roleplaying game ever thrown together in two months, it works both as a parody of Star Trek and SF RPGs, as well as – gasp! – an enjoyable comedy RPG in its own right. The printer-friendly (unillustrated) version is available for free on the game’s website, in case you feel the need for further proof of its awesomeness. But it doesn’t do to delay: we’re aware of no other physical copies still lingering anywhere else except maybe eBay, and aren’t considering printing any.

P.S. I talked with a nice fellow at this year’s Tracon event last weekend, and he mentioned that a RPG based on the side-splitting Tolkien parody Bored of the Rings had game mechanics similar to ours. I was not even aware such a game existed (I can’t speak for Mike, but I seem to recall that the Inability system was my idea initially), and could not find any references with a quick online search. If there’s anyone out there who can comment on this, please do!