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Director’s Diary: Gearing up

March 8th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

Iron Sky and Varusteleka shook hands the other day and formed an axis of evil to fight the world. Varusteleka has been a key figure in providing the wardrobe of Iron Sky, and has been helping us out with a lot of things along the years. The good news for Finnish and European filmmakers is, that they are also setting up a costume rentals house for films and theaters and whatnot, so it should be pretty awesome in the future as well!

Because of that, Timo traveled all the way to Konala, Helsinki, to meet the führer of this awesome company, Valtteri. Here’s our little chat with Valtter. The song is provided by an awesome Swedish band called Chaos All Stars, check them out here!

Director’s Diary: Oslo premiere

March 4th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

It’s been a while since the last Director’s Diary, but we’re back, bigger and badder than before! Here’s a video from our Oslo premiere of the film, we went there with Tero and had a wonderful night with awesome beautiful people. Another sold out screening, and a *terrific* reaction from the people, we were so happy to show film at Oslo Film Festival.

Iron Sky Theatrical Trailer released!

February 8th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

Exactly one year ago we wrapped the Iron Sky principal photography in Gold Coast, Australia. It was a very hot day – like it always is, during February – and we had shot a very long day that had unfortunately extended beyond the agreed limits. It was Peta‘s (Sergeant – Vivian Wagner) birthday, or had been the day before, and we had celebrated that by shooting a full one third of the script in one day, all of which had been completely revised the night before. When I finally climbed on the bridge of the U.S. flagship and popped open a champagne bottle after the last shot had been shot, I felt exhausted.

But I had no idea of the year that was to follow. Endless hours sitting in edit, fretting about CGI, about money, about sound, about music… about everything that was to follow. I thought that the biggest job was over. Well, it wasn’t. Iron Sky is a film that shaped during the post production process probably much more than any film made in Finland ever has.

Now, after exactly one year of that day I was standing in front of the remaining cast and crew, and thanking them for the excellent work they had done, I’m happy to present you the official trailer for Iron Sky. Hope you enjoy it.

The concept of the trailer was to try to find the balance between story, action, comedy and drama – just like the film itself. It’s not always easy, since Iron Sky is not a “one-liner” -film, and the comedy relies in the overall work instead of endless row of ridiculous moments. I’m really happy with how the trailer turned out, and Laibach‘s music brings nice boost to it – they’ve composed every bit of the music in the trailer, and before you go all YouTube on me, the song in the end is B Machine from the album WAT, a cover of Siddharta’s original song.

Iron Sky is not a stranger when it comes teasing and trailing the audience. In 2008 we released our first teaser, rather a 2-minute demo of the look, feel and the basic concept than a proper teaser, since not one shot of the film was shot, and the script was still under construction big time.

Teaser 1 was very important for us, it immediately became a YouTube hit, and showed us that the concept and the look and the feel we are aiming for, interests people. The next year we cooked together a Motion Poster, because that was the hot shit in 2009 – nowadays, you don’t see them too much around, but we felt like we wanted to be ahead the curve. Motion Poster did it’s job, and was quite impressive although very simple, and accompanied with our newly-released second teaser poster took it’s rounds in the Internet.

During 2010 we decided that whatever happens, we need to get the damn cameras running, or we would be ridiculed out of the Internet, so we organized a shoot where we decided to shoot one scene of the film, and release in a teaser format. Although original idea was that we would use the material we shot and created for Teaser 2 in the film itself, it turned out that we never did. But it was important to get something out, and the assets we created for the teaser were revamped and used in one way or another later in the film itself.

We started shooting the film itself in late 2010, and finished early 2011. For Cannes (May 2011) we knew that we’d need to put together a new teaser, but now we had a good bunch of actual material we could actually show. We toyed around with several versions for trailer, and even released one version of the trailer for our Sneak Peek audience, which – to our luck – shot it down immediately as too silly, too revealing and just too… not-cool. They were right. So we trashed it, and made a completely new thing, the third teaser, the one with the harrowing “We Come In Peace” -shout and slogan in the end, courtesy of Tero Kaukomaa, who had the idea that it would become a great slogan. It did, and the teaser was really cool, with loads of Udo Kier muttering about Meteorblitzkrieg. It was quite an artsy one, but worked well for us.

Now, as the film is ready, and the actual trailer is out, we’ve gone a full circle. We decided to use the B Machine song again (we already did in Teaser 2) because the lyrics and the style just fits perfectly to the world of Iron Sky, and it’s an awesome, awesome song.

Our aim is to get this trailer out there, and really go and compete our cousins in Hollywood with 10-20 times our budgets. So whatever you think of the trailer, please spread it! Let’s get million views on the trailer before anyone can even realize it’s out there, and from there we’ll march past Battleships and other Scifi megabudgets that are heading our way!

Fight the Goliath, Spread The Word! Let us rule under the Iron Sky!

Director’s Diary: A Very Tired Man

January 27th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

One of the heroes of Iron Sky is by far Samuli Torssonen, a man who has devoted his mental stability (which wasn’t very high to begin with), his company, finances and – well, basically, his ass – to the project since 2006. Here I caught him on tape after a huge last crunch he and the whole team at Energia pulled off to provide us with top notch visual effects, and as you can tell, the guy is tired.

The music is provided by Zylth Projekt – more on them here!