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Director’s Diary: Gearing up

March 8th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

Iron Sky and Varusteleka shook hands the other day and formed an axis of evil to fight the world. Varusteleka has been a key figure in providing the wardrobe of Iron Sky, and has been helping us out with a lot of things along the years. The good news for Finnish and European filmmakers is, that they are also setting up a costume rentals house for films and theaters and whatnot, so it should be pretty awesome in the future as well!

Because of that, Timo traveled all the way to Konala, Helsinki, to meet the führer of this awesome company, Valtteri. Here’s our little chat with Valtter. The song is provided by an awesome Swedish band called Chaos All Stars, check them out here!

Director’s Diary: Oslo premiere

March 4th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

It’s been a while since the last Director’s Diary, but we’re back, bigger and badder than before! Here’s a video from our Oslo premiere of the film, we went there with Tero and had a wonderful night with awesome beautiful people. Another sold out screening, and a *terrific* reaction from the people, we were so happy to show film at Oslo Film Festival.

Director’s Diary: A Very Tired Man

January 27th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

One of the heroes of Iron Sky is by far Samuli Torssonen, a man who has devoted his mental stability (which wasn’t very high to begin with), his company, finances and – well, basically, his ass – to the project since 2006. Here I caught him on tape after a huge last crunch he and the whole team at Energia pulled off to provide us with top notch visual effects, and as you can tell, the guy is tired.

The music is provided by Zylth Projekt – more on them here!

Director’s Diary: The Aural Dimension of the Moon Nazis

January 24th, 2012 by Timo Vuorensola

Iron Sky has been in production for ages, and one of the last and the most important tasks is the sound design phase. Working with a Münich-based sound studio Wavefront Studios, whose head honcho Heiko Müller is our Sound Designer, we’ve managed to create a huge world full of sounds that’s quite unlike anything you’ve heard before. In this episode of Director’s Diary, I’m having a chat with Heiko about the production of the sounds for Iron Sky, and we even tell you a bit aboutThe Götterdämmerung. Whatever that is.

The music to this episode was provided by an awesome Finnish electro artists Phann Org – check out more of his work here!

Iron Sky is now on it’s very last legs of production, but your constant support is still required for us to pull this through and make sure we don’t fall on our asses in the very last minutes. Best way to support is to visit our store and gear your ass up for the winter with some Iron Sky clothes and whatever you might need. We’re also still accepting investments, so if you feel like you’re having a bit of loose cash and want to help us make sure everyone gets to see the film, and maybe even earn a bit while doing that, head on over here.

Ja suomalaiset toverimme: kuten ehkä olette tietoisia, Iron Sky on lähdössä ensi-iltakiertueelle läpi Suomen 13.3.2012, ja kiertuelippuja on saatavilla täältä. Osa paikkakunnista on jo loppuunmyyty ja liput löytävät jatkuvasti uusia ostajia, eli kannattaa securettaa omansa vielä kun ehtii, jos tällaisen Torssosmin viskaan tässä vaiheessa tiskiin! Tässä vielä video rundista, tsekatkaapa ja nähdään lauteilla!

Hanki lippusi kiertuelle nyt!