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No Sleep ‘Till Premiere!

October 28th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

Hi there, people! This is Timo, the director – and I have just re-incarnated the Director’s Diary. We have as of today 160 days left ’till the premiere, which means a lot of sleepless nights, a huge crunch to get things finished in time and finally – the release of the film! The Director’s Diary will be following few times per week what’s happening behind the scenes of Iron Sky, and finally lead us to the premiere of the film 4.4.2012.

The song you can hear in the end is by an artist called Jack Deck, a great song called Iron Sky RMX. The full song can be found here:

Jack Deck – Iron Sky RMX by LeonBlank

Check out more info on Jack Deck on his
MySpace Page
Facebook Page

If you have some music you’d like to hand out for us to use in Director’s Diaries, we’d loved to have them – just drop an email to and if the song fits I’m happy to promote it on Director’s Diary!

Director’s Diary Invading Europe!

June 28th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

Hi, guys and girls. I’m about to embark on an European tour with my camera, and I’d like to invite you along! I’m about to head over to Riga, then Berlin, then Potsdam and then Ljubljana in Slovenia. In Potsdam, I’ll be attending as one of the tutors to Power to the Pixel’s Pixel Lab Seminar, where I’ll be tutoring and giving a presentation on collaborative film making and such. In Ljubljana, I’ll be hitting the studio with Laibach and Ben Watkins, our musicians, and Heiko Müller, our sound designer.

And for some reason I’m assuming there’s someone who’s interested in following my trip, so I’ll be checking in as often as possible from the road. So stay tuned! See you along the way!

I’ll be updating the diaries to *this blog entry*, so that I won’t be flooding too much of our channels, so just check back in here as often as you like!

TUESDAY 28.6.2011

Oh shit, almost forgot Mr. Picard!

Arrived to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Some bad news coming in from Russia…

Arrived to Potsdam.

WEDNESDAY 29.6.2011

Preparing for a presentation after a horrific hangover morning.

Post-presentation feel-good vlogging:

THURSDAY 30.6.2011

Airporting through Europe:

In Slovenia


Director’s Diary Attack

June 18th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

Lately, the development of Iron Sky has been much more in the hands of Energia, who’s doing the CGI, and I’ve been popping in and out from there, commenting the stuff and admiring the work the guys are creating. To celebrate the beginning of The Crunch – a name I gave to the coming months for the CGI team – we took the team somewhere close to Tampere, by a nice lake and a sauna, and had a good old Finnish-style “saunailta” with everyone. It was a good time to get to know each other a bit better, and yeah, we had one sauna beer. Maybe another one. Who’s counting?

In addition to this, we’ve been travelling a bit with our team – I did a seminar in Bari, Italy; Tero was at EAVE in Sweden, and Pekka had one down in Aarhus. Here’s a small clip I shot in Bari:

And finally, we had a great guest visiting us during the week – Brian Chirls, the guy behind Crowd Controls (and our Demand-system). We had great discussions in making more things together, and also wanted to develop the Demand-system further. Brian enjoyed Finland, I assume. The Finnish “pontikka” (moonshine) did ge a bit under his skin, I think – but then again, it did for all of us. We had a great week, creative and fun – thanks Brian for stopping by!

A quick update and Director’s Diary

May 25th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

Hi there sexy people.

I thought it’d be a time for a brief update. I know we were a bit silent during Cannes, I was hoping to push out daily Director’s Diaries, but the rush was unbelievable out there, and internet connection was so annoying that no matter what I did, I couldn’t update episodes. But now that I’m back in Finland, here’s a new one, but no more from boring Cannes – really, what’s there to see – but from the work place of the real men - Energia Offices, Tampere. I love visiting this joint. It may not look like much, but when you enter and walk through the main hallway, everywhere around you small bits and pieces of the movie are coming together and a lot of extremely focused faces working on programs I have no idea what they do… It has a very specific vibe. So it’s good to be back in Finland.

Coming up in the following months: Laibach has just started to work on the music for Iron Sky. I’m excited to see how that process goes, and will be visiting Slovenia next month to get the first feel and vibe of the things to come. Who is Laibach, some of you may ask? Well, let me tell you – Laibach is a legendary Slovenian band that has done a lot of very interesting music ever since 80′s, and they will be doing the score for Iron Sky, with Ben Watkins – also known as the man behind Juno Reactor. So we are in great… no, awesome hands, I might say so.

This is Laibach:


On another front, we’ve finished the first round of editing of the film. There’s a lot to be done, and that’s what Energia is doing now – creating the CGI, filling those black screens and creating backgrounds for the green ones. It takes an office full of really devoted artists to accomplish this, and by devotion I mean that some folk even sleep here at Energia office when things get really rough and deadlines are creeping in.

Cannes went very very very well. We had some very interesting discussions regarding the release of the film, and our sales company Stealth was working hard getting the film out there to respond to the Demand for Iron Sky. Also Udo Kier and Julia Dietze came by our office, and it’s always nice to see them. One could listen to Udo’s stories for hours, and Julia – being a force of nature more than a human being – always brightens the day. It was also interesting to see how strong was Cannes’ reaction to Lars von Trier‘s not-so-good-try-at-irony that fell very much flat in the press conference. Udo was – being an important actor and also playing a part in Melancholia – interviewed regarding Lars’ Nazi talks, and he remembered to mention Iron Sky quite prominently in the talks. So some free press for us :)

I’ve been sitting here at Energia for the last 3 days. We’ve been going through the film shot-by-shot, determining in great detail on what kind of special effects we will add. Whether it’s just something small for background, or a big full-cgi shot. Now that the film has been edited (at least for now), it’s easier to see what we need. And at the same time, easy to see what we could lose.

We’ll be working hard on the film, and I’ll be reporting back to you as soon as possible!

Stay sexy, lunatics!