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CGI Friday – New Iron Sky Signal & Sneak Peek!

September 2nd, 2011 by Janos Honkonen

Hello! If you are into CGI, this will be an interesting day for you, since you will get two in depth peeks into the Iron Sky visual effects. First of all we have just released a new Iron Sky Signal, which is about the guys in Energia Productions cranking out the Iron Sky visual effects – more or less 24/7!

We have also – finally – released the next installment of Iron Sky Sneak Peek, our fan service where the subscribers will get to see how the first five minutes of Iron Sky are being made, starting from the idea and progressing month by month to the final movie. This time you’ll see the second CGI previz of the Moon sequence, where some parts of the CGI are already starting to resemble the end result. If you are not already following the Sneak Peek, now it’s a great time to start – every cent from the subscriptions goes into making the film!

Iron Sky Sneak Peek #10 – The Second CGI Previz

Thanks again for following us and for the support!

Rumor control: UFO fleet over London

June 29th, 2011 by Jarmo Puskala

A lot of websites and newspapers have picked up on this video of UFOs above the Radio 1 building in London on 24th of June. There has been a lot of speculation about the authenticity of the video and several news sources, including, have suggested it is viral marketing for Iron Sky. It’s not.

We would like to make it absolutely clear that we have nothing to do with the video, or the similar Jerusalem UFO video from last January. In our opinion the Norway spiral seen in 2009 seemed a lot more like something we would do.

From a computer graphics point of view the only thing special about the footage is the very visible rolling shutter “jellycam” effect. It’s caused by the way digital cameras work and most visible in cheap cellphone cameras, but even the mighty RED suffers from it. What it means is that it makes it more difficult to add anything to a video that has a strong rolling shutter effect since one would have to add distortion to all the new elements that would match the original video. This does not mean that the London footage is genuine, just that if it’s faked they either a) went to some trouble compositing the UFOs or b) that they added the jellycam effect to a stable video to make it seem more believable.

Other than that the video would have been very easy to fake and my personal opinion is that it most likely is fake. I’ve got no other evidence to back that up than seeing quite a few shops in my time, but I’m sure there will be a thorough analysis soon enough.

Director’s Diary Invading Europe!

June 28th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

Hi, guys and girls. I’m about to embark on an European tour with my camera, and I’d like to invite you along! I’m about to head over to Riga, then Berlin, then Potsdam and then Ljubljana in Slovenia. In Potsdam, I’ll be attending as one of the tutors to Power to the Pixel’s Pixel Lab Seminar, where I’ll be tutoring and giving a presentation on collaborative film making and such. In Ljubljana, I’ll be hitting the studio with Laibach and Ben Watkins, our musicians, and Heiko Müller, our sound designer.

And for some reason I’m assuming there’s someone who’s interested in following my trip, so I’ll be checking in as often as possible from the road. So stay tuned! See you along the way!

I’ll be updating the diaries to *this blog entry*, so that I won’t be flooding too much of our channels, so just check back in here as often as you like!

TUESDAY 28.6.2011

Oh shit, almost forgot Mr. Picard!

Arrived to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Some bad news coming in from Russia…

Arrived to Potsdam.

WEDNESDAY 29.6.2011

Preparing for a presentation after a horrific hangover morning.

Post-presentation feel-good vlogging:

THURSDAY 30.6.2011

Airporting through Europe:

In Slovenia


Director’s Diary Attack

June 18th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

Lately, the development of Iron Sky has been much more in the hands of Energia, who’s doing the CGI, and I’ve been popping in and out from there, commenting the stuff and admiring the work the guys are creating. To celebrate the beginning of The Crunch – a name I gave to the coming months for the CGI team – we took the team somewhere close to Tampere, by a nice lake and a sauna, and had a good old Finnish-style “saunailta” with everyone. It was a good time to get to know each other a bit better, and yeah, we had one sauna beer. Maybe another one. Who’s counting?

In addition to this, we’ve been travelling a bit with our team – I did a seminar in Bari, Italy; Tero was at EAVE in Sweden, and Pekka had one down in Aarhus. Here’s a small clip I shot in Bari:

And finally, we had a great guest visiting us during the week – Brian Chirls, the guy behind Crowd Controls (and our Demand-system). We had great discussions in making more things together, and also wanted to develop the Demand-system further. Brian enjoyed Finland, I assume. The Finnish “pontikka” (moonshine) did ge a bit under his skin, I think – but then again, it did for all of us. We had a great week, creative and fun – thanks Brian for stopping by!