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Not in Kansas anymore

August 26th, 2011 by Jarmo Puskala

I never thought having cameras in cellphones as something completely useless, only pretty useless. But turns out that now that we have them we use the. Even I have ended up taking quite a lot of pictures from the production of Iron Sky. Some I’ve posted a long, long time ago, most I haven’t – until now.

Well, not going to post all of them, because they’re mostly horrible. But here are some pics of shooting Iron Sky in Australia.

It was hot as hell in Brisbane

The first day of shooting in Gold Coast was on location in Brisbane. We had left Finland in the middle of the coldest winter. In Brisbane it was the night before the floods really hit – it was raining constantly and it was hot as hell.

Knock, Knock. Who's there? The Doctor. Doctor Who?

The heat had started in Singapore which was in the grips of a small typhoon when we switched planes there. We had barely enough time to have a drink at the rooftop bar. I have no recollection what it was, but apparently it was made by some “Dr Who“.

Crowd designed posters going up

But back to Oz. An ex-movie theater was being turned into an art house theater in New York, complete with posters designed by the awesome people from Two days later the theatre was underwater.

Timo the Dark Snufkin

The scene we were shooting was the one where Timo has his cameo as a homeless person. I suspect it was a calculated move, because if on the first day of film the director already looks like Snufkin on skid row then compared to that he’s still looking fresh as a koala after a month of shooting and no sleep.

Hail driver!

Talking of not enought sleep, at two in the morning this sign was a source of much amusement.

Not funny when you are not jetlagged

Then again… so was this. I blame the jetlag (and possibly side effects of time travel).

Pile of what looks like trash

Back in the studios the sets we’re coming together. Two days later what had looked like a pile of trash had become a lunar lander.

Strange tools lying around in the nazi moonbase

There were strange tools and instruments lying around the nazi moonbase.

Timo and the beetle

As well as some bigger gear. Like the beautiful Beetle. Unlike the bikes which we rented, this ones’ all ours so you’ll be seeing more of it in the future…

The vacuum of space - the reason no-one can hear you scream.

In space no one can hear you scream. Because of the vacuum. It makes so much noise.

A bunch of lazy kangaroos

Sadly, kangaroos weren’t everywhere. We actually had to go to see them. And instead of boxing with cigar smoking babies or jumping buildings with a single bound they were lying in the sun, waiting for tourists to feed them. But they did taste delicious.

The door

In the graphics department was a small room with a door signed by the film productions that has used it.


…and these creepy mannequins.

For me the month in Oz was a strange experience. Working in the air conditioned baracks was just like work anywhere. But when you stepped outside it was like you were on another planet. The heat of the sun would hit like a blowtorch, birds sung strange songs and there were constant screams of terror from the amusement park nex door. It was surreal, especially since there were relics from earlier productions all over the studio lot. The ship from Voyage of the Dawn Treader, sets from the Australian TV show Sea Patrol and a huge plastic statue of Bugs Bunny that was lying on the ground looking abandoned. All in all, it was great.

Iron Sky Invades New York – Come Meet Us On Wednesday!

August 15th, 2011 by Janos Honkonen

The Iron Sky core team is currently in New York shooting some scenes and cityscapes, which are going to be used for example as the backgrounds of a dogfight between Nazi UFOs and modern fighters.

Damn, Iron Sky should be reclassified as as natural disaster movie: in Frankfurt we were hit by a snowstorm that paralyzed the city, in Australia there were serious floods and cyclones, and now in New York torrential rains are flooding the subways!

Hotel Stay in NY before whatever natural catastrophy the Iron Sky crew shall bring upon it.

That won’t stop us, though! We will also arrange a combined informal fan and media meet on this Wednesday 17th of August at 7pm at Hotel Stay, 157 West 47th street. Come and meet us, get to see some hitherto unreleased materials from the film. We are also planning to do some guerrilla filming with our fans – stay tuned in our Twitter and Facebook as we finalize our plans on that!

The Iron Sky team, including the director Timo Vuorensola and producer Tero Kaukomaa, are also available for interviews for traditional media, blogs, etc! Please send interview requests in New York to Merja Ritola (merja ät, +358 50 5937714).

Thanks for supporting us, hope to see you and your friends on Wednesday!

p.s. We set up a Facebook event for the meetup as well. If you know you’re coming, let us know.

The Iron Sky Team

Moon Nazis Are Coming To New York – And We’re Looking For A Venue!

August 7th, 2011 by Janos Honkonen

The Iron Sky team is coming to New York to shoot some scenes, and to arrange a meeting for fans, friends, followers, and the press!

We are looking for a venue for an event, preferably a small movie theater (about 60-100 seats) where we can screen some materials. We will be in New York from 13th to 18th of August.

If you know of such a place, and members of the press who are interested in a project like Iron Sky, please drop us a line at!

Once we have the venue and the exact time locked down, more information will follow!

Kuluttajat: mitä haluatte digitaaliselta mediakaupalta?

May 28th, 2011 by Kollektiivi

Kuten viime päivinä on uutisoitu, kotimaiset musiikkituottajat ovat kyllästyneet odottamaan, että ihmiset siirtyisivät waretuksesta kotimaisten musiikin nettikauppojen pariin, ja tarjoavat tähän syyksi Piratebayn suosiota. Lääkkeeksi tarjotaan Piratebayn sensurointia suomalaisilta netinkäyttäjiltä, jonka käytännöllisyydestä ratkaisuna ei tässä sen enempää.

Photo: The Consumerist

Meidän näkemyksemme on, että piraatit ovat alipalveltuja asiakkaita, ja elleivät lailliset vaihtoehdot kelpaa, niissä lie kuluttajan kannalta jotain pielessä. Nyt kun keskustelu on pinnalla, on hyvä hetki saada oma mielipiteensä julki: kerro kommenteissa, mikä nykyisissä (kotimaisissa) musiikin, leffojen, TV-sarjojen jne. digitaalisissa latauskaupoissa on pielessä ja ennen kaikkea – miten asiat olisivat sitten kun ne ovat hyvin?

On ok kritisoida olemassaolevia kauppoja, mutta ei tehdä tästä pelkkää valitusta – laittakaa mukaan konkreettisia parannusehdotuksia: mikä saisi juuri sinut käyttämään latauskauppoja ja millaisia latauskauppoja toivoisit? Pidetään keskustelu rakentavana: filosofointi nettilatauksen oikeutuksesta ja autojen kopioinnista, varas/riistäjä-haukut ja muu epärakentava mesominen tullaan moderoimaan armotta – sitä kamaa on netissä jo tarpeeksi. Jos välttämättä haluat keskustella, sitä voi tehdä vaikkapa edellisen blogauksen puolella, mutta pyhitetään tämän blogauksen kommentit ehdotuksille ja huomioille. (Huom: Jos viestisi ei tule heti näkyviin, se on jäänyt blogin automaattisuotimiin, joista puramme sen mahdollisimman pian.)

Iron Sky -konseptin isä ja yhteisövastaavamme Jarmo Puskala on maanantaina Yle Radio 1 Kultakuume -ohjelmassa 15:15 ja 21:15 keskustelemassa Musiikkituottajat – IFPI Finlandin Lauri Rechardtin kanssa siitä, mikä nykyisissä digitaalisissa mediakaupoissa mättää ja mikä olisi se keino, jolla ihmiset saataisiin laillisten kauppojen pariin, joten tämä on hyvä hetki saada oma mielipide kuluttajana kuuluviin.

Tästä asiasta on nyt jänkätty tarpeeksi pitkään ja poterot ovat syvät: mitä jos iänikuisen vänkäämisen sijaan lähdettäisiin yhteistoimin kehittämään sellaisia levityskanavia, jotka kelpaavat niin kuluttajille kuin median tuottajille! Kuka tietää, tämä keskustelu voi hyvinkin poikia ideoinnin lisäksi aivan konkreettisia tuloksia sopivien yhteistyökumppanien kanssa.

- Janos Honkonen
- Tero Kaukomaa
- Timo Vuorensola
- Jarmo Puskala
- Pekka Ollula