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Opera By You – World’s First Collaborative Opera on Wreckamovie

May 6th, 2010 by Timo Vuorensola

I know not too many of you go to see opera – at least not on regular basis – but have you ever wondered *what* would be an opera you’d like to go and watch? I mean opera has it all, kick-ass music, hot chicks & guys, drama, huge sets, massive costumes… Everything one could ask from any good film. Ok, they sing. A lot. But who the hell cares – once you’re there, the whole thing weaves together and delivers an atomic bomb of an experience, and you leave the hall with your ears ringing, hands shaking and knees all rubbery. It’s like the best film, theater play and heavy metal concert, all slammed together.

At least that’s how *I* think it would be. Yet, I never go to opera. Why? Because there’s usually nothing I could give two shits about – Figaros, Don Giovannis and Magic f*ckin’ Flutes… Who cares?

But what would be an opera you’d *really* want to see? Ever thought of it? Well – now you should. Savonlinnan Oopperajuhlat – a world-famous Opera festival in Finland – just set up an opera project on Wreckamovie, and it kicks some serious ass. The guys decided that instead of shuffling the old operas over and over, let’s try a different approach this time: let’s make opera together with the Internet. Here’s a pretty cool promo they put out there, check it out:

Right now, they start from the very beginning. They’re asking you, we, us, everyone to create the story for the opera. Already there’s some damn cool concepts out there. How does a real Space Opera Opera sound? How about Time Travel? I’m thinking about posting my own idea about an Opera set around Internet Memes – hell, could be even called l’Opera De 4chan.

I know you freaks can come up with crazy, great ideas – just go out there and start Wrecking!

- Timo out.

Come to see Pekka and Jarmo in Helsinki next week.

April 6th, 2010 by Jarmo Puskala

Pekka and I are the guests for a TV talkshow pilot being shot in Helsinki next week. They’re now looking for a live studio audience, so join us! We’ll be talking about Iron Sky and making movies, so if you’re the least bit interested in those things now is a great opportunity to see how tv is made and what we’ve got to say.

Here’s what the producers are saying – in two languages even:


Etsimme Iron Sky –faneja studioyleisöksi Making Of –työnimeä kantavan tv-ohjelmademon nauhoituksiin perjantaina 16.4.2010 klo 12.30 Metropolian Taiteen ja viestinnän laitokselle Helsingin Arabianrantaan (Hämeentie 161, käynti takapihan parkkipaikan kautta). Studiovierainamme nähdään Jarmo Puskala sekä Pekka Ollula. Interaktiivisessa osuudessa myös yleisöllä on mahdollisuus vaikuttaa ohjelmankulkuun!

Ilmoittautumiset ja lisätiedot 11.4. mennessä tuottaja Petra Kiiskelle sähköpostitse tai puhelimitse +358 40 8424983.


We are making a TV-demo called Making Of, and we’re looking for Iron Sky –fans to participate the recordings on Friday 16.4.2010 at 12.30 pm in Metropolia University in Arabianranta, Helsinki (Hämeentie 161, entrance from the backyard’s parking lot). We’ll have Jarmo Puskala and Pekka Ollula as our studio guests. The audience will also have a possibility to interact with the TV-host!

Further information and registrations by 11.4.: producer Petra Kiiski, +358 40 8424983.

Griffin Trailer Released.

February 10th, 2010 by Jarmo Puskala

Trailer for the Wreckamovie developed cybercrime series Griffin has been released. The trailer was lauched at F-Secure’s SPECIES conference in Vienna and F-Secure is also supporting the Griffin series by giving its insight into the fight against cybercrime.

Good hacker films are still hard to come by. Hollywood makes some lovingly crafted films about gamblers and conmen, but if the con uses computers they usually freak out and decide it absolutely can not be interesting unless they put in explosions and completely make up how computers work. Often this creation of non-existent technologies is to make it all more “accessible” to the average viewer.

The funny thing is that the “average viewer” is not going to blow up military bases by hand-coding a blowfish-encrypted, 3D-accelerated supervirus – but he is the target of the real world cybercrime. And there are enough stories about real cybercrime to fill a terabyte hd with films and tv-shows. Just ask F-Secure’s Mikko Hyppönen for some war stories. Timo did when they first met some years ago and I know he still has several story ideas about cybercrime he wants to do.

So you guessed it, Griffin is inspired by the real stories. And developed by people who use the real internet and Or as the press release puts it:

Griffin is a made-for-Internet TV series of fictional episodes about online crime, developed by a web community of enthusiasts on the Wreckamovie platform, in co-operation with Internet operators.

The six-part series tells the story of Griffin Sharp, a good guy with a complex past in the world of cybercrime. Each Griffin episode takes place in a different country, and will be produced by local start-up crews and volunteering enthusiasts. F-Secure and the Wreckamovie community are inviting major Internet operators for partnership in this innovative project, which will bring the drama of the fight against cybercrime to millions of people worldwide. This approach will also help consumers understand modern IT threats in a better way.

Anyone can join the Griffin community and be part of creating the story at To watch the trailer, go to The Griffin series will be distributed free of charge on the Internet.

Hubaa Radio Millenniumissa – armottoman tehokasta!

November 6th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

(This post is in Finnish and it’s about sketch comedy segments we produced with our friends from the sketch comedy troupe Huba. They’re running on TV right now.)

Tiesittekö, että 95% hammasbakteereista esiintyy suussa? Entäs sen, että uudet Huba-sketsit ovat pyörineet TV2:n sunnuntai-illassa jo useamman viikon?

Energia on Huban kavereiden kanssa tuottanut joukon sketsejä TV2:n Radio Millennium -ohjelmaan. Jaksot tulevat ulos sunnuntaisin 23.20 ja uusitaan myöhään tiistaina. Huba-sketsejä nähdään yleensä yksi tai kaksi ohjelman “mainoskatkolla”, jossa tulee myös muiden tuottamia sketsejä. Sekoittamisen vaaraa ei pitäisi olla, Huban sketsit kun tuppaavat erottumaan.

Ja koska elämme tulevaisuudessa, niin sketsit löytyvät myös YleX:n sivuilta:
Korvaako koulutus kaiken?
Piilokameran parhaat
Oral Attack

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