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Project WORM – Series concept revealed

July 15th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola

The collaborative web TV series created by Energia via Wreckamovie platform has revealed the concept of the story. This is based on the shots given through Wreckamovie users, and smashed into an intelligible format by Riku Pyhälä.


Check it out:


Griffin Sharp, 44, is a game developer from the early times. In the past fortunate and rich, he has gone from one end to another, finding himself now poor and divorced. Once caught by the feds and sentenced to five years in prison for a serious Internet fraud, he’s now earning a living at a fast food restaurant and a taxi driver.

Sharp is still on parole and prohibited from using the Internet for one year. Parole officials on his back, following his actions daily, he’s aching to use the Net. Sometimes the temptation is too much: he sneaks onto computers wherever he gets a chance.

Even though Sharp’s on parole and the officials have laid him restrictions, the police still needs his knowledge. They occasionally contact him asking for help in solving cyber crime cases. Helping cops isn’t what Sharp enjoys, but it gives him a chance to keep up his magic.

While solving the cases, Sharp suddenly catches onto something else: an old hacker friend that got him in trouble in the first place. Now his friend, Benjamin Dallas, aka Nacros X, has re-emerged to the Internet, to IRC. There’s only one problem: he wasn’t supposed to be around anymore. He was supposed to be dead.

Even the hacker community ends up divided: some convinced it to be just a stolen identity, some believing it to be the real Nacros X. For Sharp, it’s just one more reason to get online.

Now we are in grave need for synopsises based on this story as basis of the episodes for Project WORM. Any ideas? If, please share ‘em at Wreckamovie, in this task.

Wreck on!

Wreckamovie awarded with World Summit Award!

July 8th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola

The team behind the films Star Wreck and Iron Sky has been awarded at the World Summit Awards with their online film studio Wreck a Movie. Officially the ceremony was to be held in June, but the Swine Flu outbreak caused it to be postponed until September.

Wreck a Movie team
The winning team grinning like idiots after the MindTrek win :)

Wreck a Movie won the 20,000-euro first prize at the Finnish MindTrek event last year, and was consequently chosen as the Finnish representative at the World Summit Awards. The WSA is a biennial e-content contest, funded by the United Nations among others, and is one of the largest of its kind globally.

This is the first time that the WSA first prize has gone to Finland since 2003, when Sulake won the award for their service Habbo Hotel, which has millions of fans.

Wreck a Movie is a production platform focused on community-driven film making – a virtual film studio, according to the team. It is a means for filmmakers from around the world to work on their pictures together with the community, regardless of the location, occupation or resources of the participants. It is free for both users and featured projects.

“Naturally it is encouraging to be rewarded, but it is my principal hope that this may act as a signal to both international and Finnish filmmakers that Wreck a Movie is a platform worth trying out,” says Timo Vuorensola, director and one of the primary developers of the platform. “Currently we have going about a hundred productions from music videos to feature films, and the services, productions and user base of the virtual studio are increasing steadily.”

Visit the Wreck a Movie platform at

Cross-media competition from Power to the Pixel

July 8th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola

Just wanted to note that Power to the Pixel, a London-based forum for filmmakers with eye on the Internet and future in general, has announced a Cross-Media film project competition, which is accepting submissions now. Here’s what they say about the thing:

The Pixel Pitch is Power to the Pixel’s ground-breaking new pitching forum for up to ten of the best UK and international cross-media film projects.

We are looking for stories that can span film, TV, online, mobile and gaming to be presented to a select group of financiers, commissioners, tech companies, online portals and media companies in front of an audience of PTTP participants.

The selected project teams will compete for the

Teams will benefit from significant international publicity and be introduced to new international business and partnership opportunities as well as one-to-one consultancies.

Last year’s Launch saw four cross-media projects presented to international companies including Babelgum, Sony Computer Entertainment, BBC, YouTube, MySpace, Amazon, Channel 4, UK Film Council, Arts Council of England, Tribeca Film Institute.

So if you feel like you could have a story, why not push it to PttP compo, and start working on it via Wreckamovie!

Fan fic of a fan fic – Star Wreck 2pi

July 6th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola

I’ve already mentioned the Star Wreck fan fiction production Star Wreck 2pi some time ago on this blog, but thought about coming back to it now that it seems that the guys have really managed to shoot most of the film, and just released a short making-of clip of how things are progressing. The folks behind the production are Thierry and Fabienne Gschwind, a bro and a sis, and they are based in Switzerland. Check out the making-of, and join the production on Wreckamovie to help them get this thing off the ground!

They seem to have quite an ambitious hull breach scene!