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Iron Sky page removed by Facebook.

February 2nd, 2010 by Jarmo Puskala

Facebook's only warning

So, it seems that Facebook is afraid of Moon Nazis. This morning we got a rude surprise: Facebook has removed the Iron Sky fan page, citing terms of use on hateful content.

Now, if you’re one of the over 6,000 fans you’d know that there was absolutely no hateful content on the page. Certainly no racism or advocation of any hateful politics. Instead we reported about the making of the film and talked everyday things with our fans, like asking recommendations of great music to listen at the office.

We don’t know what exactly happened, but it is quite clear to us that removing the Iron Sky page is a mistake, and one that we hope Facebook will fix soon. We have contacted them trough the only means possible – that is trough the help center email – but have yet to receive any kind of answer.

Now, if Facebook really claims that the sole mention of nazis as a part of a film’s plot is “hateful”, they are essentially banning any mentions of films such as Indiana Jones, Blues Brother or The Sound of Music – they have nazis too!

This thought is worrying on many levels. For example, what kind of a message does this kind of summary execution of profiles send to businesses considering if they should take the leap to social media?

This is a big thing for us since Facebook is a big part of our social media presence. If you want the officially official statement, read our press release.

Our fans have already set up a group “We want Iron Sky back!” that’s had almost 300 people join in just a couple of hours. We appreciate your support a lot, thank you!

edit: We got the page back, but not much in the way of an explanation.